!V! SnowBall

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Gender Male
Race Dorf, Ucas
Aura Type Mundane
Essence 0,025
Primary Role Decker
Secondary Role Sam
Character Sheet [Por n PDF]
Player User:Kpsychopath
Street Cred 0


Dwarf Decker who just wanted to retire after feeling like he's done his part to make the world a better place, but has returned due to his life shattering before his eyes. Now he's back in the shadows with 1 Goal and 1 Goal only. **Frag over the Yaks** Any way he can

But to get to that end goal he needs friends, connections and a hole lotta explosives


Snowball always carries his medical bag with him where ever he goes and has a hard time letting go of it. What if someone needs medical help?

He massages his legs whenever he's idleing. His legs may be gone but the pain remains


Has Vendetta against the Yaks after what they did to his familiy and him. He is driven to try and fuck them over whenever a chance appears

Snowball is a bleeding heart, he dosnt need much convincing to help others (thou he knows the deal with being a runner and sometimes that means doing bad things to good people)

Notable Qualities

Driven (Fucking over the Yaks)

Phobia Moderate (Large bodies of water)

Prank Warrior (Snowball has a friend who he constantly gets into arguements over how you should deck, his friend has taken the stance that being loud and proud (Bruteforce) is better since you arnt a sitting duck whenever someone tries to brick you or your teams drek. And snowball has taken the Stance that directly attacking someone is such a base animalistic way to do things, instead he thinks its better to circumvent security and never directly get into a fight)

Vendetta (Yaks are fucking bastards)

Weak Immune System (What can i say? He werent blessed with a dwarf immune system)


Snowball is a Old decker, he's from back when magic was still in its infancy, and the Night of Rage was still a wicked idea in the heads of idiots. He's been through alot, having worked in a Corp as a spider for most of his life till Crash 2.0 happend, which was when he fled to the Ork underground. Decided to try and set up a clinic there. Help the unfortunate sods

But it didnt work out. Mostly due to KE becomming more aggresive (this was on the hub) After that, he joined the shadows to try and do what he tried to back in the clinic, help people who were down on their luck.

But now, a few years after having joined the shadows and taking a pretty long break. He's back, after having lost 2 close friends, familiy even. To the Yaks, and if that wasnt enough.

He also lost his arms and legs. Compensation for trying to defend his 2 friends. You see, they wanted to be runners themself. And they were pretty decent at it, good enough to survive the first 2 weeks, and a few months in. Making a name for themself. But they fragged up a run against the yaks, trying to sabotage a Bunraku palour.

The Yaks didnt take lightly to someone trying to mess with their operation, and snowball tried to protect them, but it was too late, they quickly found them, killed the male and took in the female as repair payment.

They let Snowball off with a "warning" by ripping his legs from him, and tearing off one of his cyber arms, leaving him almost dead in the ditch. But he survived, and now.

Well hell hath no fury like that of a stubborn dwarf whos familiy you've ruined

Appearance and Style

  • Meat: Snowball always wears casual clothing coupled with his armor jacket and has his Medical bag at his waist at all times. His demeanor is that of someone who always tries to be posetive
  • Astral form: His normal self
  • Matrix persona: Trix Persona small2.png
  • Styles and symbols known for: Nothing known


Snowball's personality is rough, he tries to be as posetive as he can. But after what he's been through it's become harder and harder to fake a convincing smile


Dont die of starvation or get kicked onto the streets

Make the Yaks pay. And retire if he survives


If your character picks up any nicknames or titles in play, they can go here. Optional, though.

Connor, William

Low lifestyle and Squatter lifestyle tied to this sin

Medical license, Firearms License, Armor License, Toxin License.


Name: Kpsychopath

Chargen: Prime

Awakened: Awakened

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