A Day In The Life Of Wan Pt 2

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GM: User:AfroNin Runners:
RVP: 13
Date: 26th Feb 2018

TLDR: Runners refuse to kidnap Wan. Wan finds some PT sisters, they get kidnapped, she saves one of them, the other turns out to be a spy working for Telestrian. The supersoldier PT project seems to be part of a greater social engineering experiment to test sleeper agents in different societies. Refer back to A Day In The Life Of Wan Pt 1 for the previous run.

Now, some of Wan's Prototype Transhuman sisters are looking for her, trying to find out whether she is some sort of spy looking to replace the life of a transhuman sister. The sister in question worked at KE and had committed suicide at the start of the month. The other transhumans involved are Maria, a businesswoman working for an A corp, and Lia, a punk from Downtown. The runners tasked with kidnapping Wan refuse, and Wan herself is investigating these two sisters that have taken an interest to her, only to find out that once she locates them, they are kidnapped by Telestrian agents. With the help of Spark, Deviant and Garo, Wan follows the lead all the way to Tarislar, the elf reject bastion south of Puyallup just next to the Tir border. There, she is ambushed by elite soldiers, but the ambush fails and with magic trickery, Spark also manages to disable to bomb that would certainly have killed both the kidnapped Lia and presumably Wan, had she attempted to rescue her. Wan is left with the knowledge that some of her sisters are spies working for her maker with lethal intent, but that there is also resistance. At least in the Telestrian PTs that are self-aware.

A Day In The Life Of Wan Pt 2

Completed onFebruary 26, 2018 +
GMUser:AfroNin +
Had runnerWan +, Garo +, Spark + and Deviant +
Has nameA Day In The Life Of Wan Pt 2 +