A Fool And His Life Are Easily Parted

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GM: User:Ice Hawk Runners:
RVP: 27 (38)
Date: 13th March 2019

Chance Fire

Reggie contacts the crew asking for protection and offering big nuyen. The location turns out to be a hotel with the firefighters present conducting an investigation of a burnt down room, belonging to Reggie of course. After some covert bag retrieval from the room the team is assaulted by a spirit while jumping out the window. Reggie is gifted with the power to find his enemies, but is too daft to be serious about it. With everyone safely in the van they head to Growth's secret hideout on a new island in the bay.

First Confrontation

On the way to the coastline they are confronted by a group of gangers on bikes, which are swiftly dispatched with a hail of Narcojet and a Swarm of bugs to incite panic. Reggie shares that Mitsuomo is the one chasing him and trying to end him, and his superiors are unaware of his OC ties. Additionally, Mitsuomo apparently has a 400k bounty if brought in alive to UCAS authorities. Not willing to protect Reggie for all eternity with mere 15k/person pay runners hatch a plan to use Reggie as bait to get at Mitsuomo.

Impossible Flirtation

The plan is executed at a caffe with some triad affiliations, by Reggie being loud and obnoxious, trying to pick up waitresses and trash-talking Mitsuomo. Not long after that the staff pulls out and the place starts being sprayed with a hail of lead, a dozen soldiers entering. The place is further assault by a rooftop sniper and spirits. Growth tries dealing with the rigger and sniper who are shooting highly lethal ammo, Leaf is taking care of assailing spirits, Hurricane starts exchanging bullets with advancing troops and Snow White doing her best to direct the troops and stay alive. Soon the rigger and sniper are immobilized, most of the soldiers downed or heavily hurt by Hurricane before he goes down and astral threats taken care of. With a few choice prisoners for interrogation about Mitsuomo's whereabouts everyone heads back to the island to regroup and recuperate in a secure location.

The Clash

Before getting back to the island however they are intercepted by a boat carrying Mitsuomo and a few henchpeople. Growth dives into the water to plant explosives and disable their boat. Mitsuomo is alerted by his magically honed senses and jumps in the water to confront him, making the grave error of trying to subdue before choking him to death. While in contact to the fierce opponent Growth channels the most powerful destructive magic directly into him for a swift knockout. Above the surface his van suffers grave injuries before the opposition wielding a rocket launcher is taken out.

The Misunderstanding

A disgruntled Reggie realizes he was used as bait to catch Mitsuomo, unable to realize that the pleasure of his company would not buy the runner's protection in perpetuity. The sting of the dispute was lessened however by the large bounty shared between the runners, far exceeding the pitiful amount their Johnson was willing to offer for his life.

The Little People

A Fool And His Life Are Easily Parted