A Journey West

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GM: User:Jay Runners:
RVP: 26
Date: 12 April 2018

The runners were hired by Wisdom to retrieve an individual, Kuan-yin from beneath the Mountain of Five Elements in order to assist with the restoration of Mt. Emei. The runners proceeded through the Leshan region, rescuing a mother and daughter along the way, then to the mountain itself; within, they discovered a sunless sea and a strange otherwordly coast; boarding a ship, they crossed the sea (Wan jumped onto a sea-beast and killed it beneath the water) and passed through a jungle on an ancient continent, where a riddle demanded they present the "fifth element" which Fiasco determined was Boron. There, they freed Kuan-yin from her prison, and with that assistance, returned with her to Wisdom, who paid them.

A Journey West Journey To The East