A Man of Wealth and Taste

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GM: User:Ice Hawk Runners:
RVP: 15
Date: 25 February 2018

Shinji Imagawa, the Johnson behind Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself has hired the runners to subtly disrupt a peace negotiation that will end the animosity stirred up between the Yakuza and the Sun On Yee triad on his last run. To scuttle the peace without being obvious, he compiled a dossier on the important members attending this meeting, and suggestions on how these people might be offended either by each other or by the staff at the meeting ground that peace is abandoned.

While the team was performing legwork, they noticed they were being followed by a man named Renji Nakamura, a private detective working for the Imagawa Gumi. The runners kidnapped and interrogated him, learning that he had been trailing their Johnson and putting pieces of the puzzle together that Shinji is behind the recent animosity between them and the triad, and that he has been using this to score lucrative real estate deals. The runners also learn that Renji has not yet gone to his superiors with his suspicions yet. They convince him that the interrogation was all a dream, and return him to his home none the wiser.

The team hacked the meager host of Beaux Arts Village Hospitality service, where the meeting was taking place, and arranged a number of subtle insults into the proceedings, ranging from messing with the meal plan, to purposefully making the event less wheelchair accessible to inserting a disguised Monty and Ace into the staff without raising suspicions.

As Monty personally irritated the guests, and Ace planted an incendiary device in one of their cars, the meeting was already off to a bad start when the negotiations began. At the height of the negotiations Ashurbanipal, using the astral signature of a Yakuza mage partnered with Stigs' drones to attack a triad Brothel/Runner meeting ground and destroyed it. This was the final straw, and the negotiations collapsed. The runners were able to make their escapes without a hitch, except for Monty, who survived a destroy humans preparation by virtue of being an elf, but tipped off his assailant that he was in fact not a human.

The runners returned to the Johnson to collect their pay, and sold their pay data collected from Renji Nakamura for a 33% bonus. Shinji Imagawa now knows that someone in his organization is close to putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

A Man of Wealth and Taste

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