A Series Of Unfortunate Runs: Volunteers Needed

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GM: user: Ice Hawk Runners:
RVP: 14
Date: 23 January 2019

A mysterious Johnson, an old man named Poe meets with the runners in the burnt remains of a Snohomish mansion. He explains that a person close to his heart was caught in the terrible blaze and that he would like them to find out if there were any survivors, and who set the fire. He can not pay the runners for their effort, but the children are heirs to an enormous fortune. Unwilling to divulge more, after the runners' acceptance he turns over a charred bookshelf opening a secret passageway. After some investigation and several runners getting lost, Songbird even caught by KE and subsequently bailed by Jet's swift action. Leaf uses psychometry to share memories of the house with the team and they see parents burning in the house. They set up a meet with the fire department and decide to check out the bank.

In the bank besides several departments suspiciously linking to "VFD", the runners find out that there are several families vying for the fortune, all of them distantly related, and by astral break-in into the vault love letters from Poe (the Johnson) to Isadora (childrens mother) were found. And with some matrix searches some clues leading to an acting troupe led by Snicket.

By breaking into Snicket's house they uncover a play in which events eerily similar to reality take place and he ends up marrying the eldest orphan daughter, after which runners rush into the theater house and in the nick of time before the end of the play and "wedding" takes place. Jet makes a scene, however an incendiary bomb explodes nearly killing the theater goers while the children who were in the play escape. Lark and Songbird rush after them while Jet and Leaf calmly lead the people out before anyone is hurt. Children stab Lark, hurting him grievously, but are knocked out and taken by runners into Jet's car.

After some interrogation children are reluctant to share any details and runners decide to let them go, before a meeting with Poe changes their minds and they decide children are best left in his care, but with constant updates.

While the outcome and purpose of the organization are not clear, and arsonist is not found, at least the children are off the street, under the guardianship of someone who cares for them.

A Series Of Unfortunate Runs: Volunteers Needed

Lark's Perspective

Completed onJanuary 23, 2019 +
GMUser:Ice Hawk +
Had runnerJet +, Songbird +, Leaf + and Lark +
Has nameA Series Of Unfortunate Runs: Volunteers Needed +