A Storm Is Threatening My Very Life Today (Run)

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GM: User:Ice_Hawk Runners:
RVP: 14
Date: 13 February 2019

The runners are hired by a working class Ork to recover a heart that was supposed to be marked for transplant for his daughter, but mysteriously was double booked. The Ork suspects the Komungo Ring of the Seuolpa Rings, known organ leggers, but otherwise has very little else to go on. The team decides to split up, with Lark and Leaf going to the Orks residence to see if the child can be healed magically. They find out that the defect is congenital so that magical healing will only cause the heart to regrow in the same damaged way.

Growth and Hurricane head over to the hospital where the heart was stored, Growth gives Hurricane magical concealment allowing him to infiltrate the hospital. There he finally tracks the heart to it's last stored location in the morgue, and discovers that it was signed out by another department, but it was the orthopedics department which should not have needed a heart. They discover that the orthopedics surgeon has routinely been requesting organs that fall well outside his purview and the team decides to follow up on that.

They follow him to his office, and interrupt a meeting between him and Tanamous ghouls who are bringing bodies to be harvested at his illegal body shop. The team disables the ghouls and leaves them for the authorities, and discovers that while the heart has been already installed elsewhere, the doctor happens to be a perfect match for the girl. Growth loads the team into his van, and using his Valkyrie system and a medically minded task spirit, manages to perform the operation himself. The doctor did not survive but the ghouls were all picked up by KE. The Little People

A Storm Is Threatening My Very Life Today (Run)