A Thousand Suns, Part 1

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GM: User:AfroNin Runners:
RVP: 14
Date: 15 February 2018

tldr: runners went to a chinese monastery that got attacked, defended it, then battled some spirits of the land to prove their worth to them and bolster the monastery's defenses for the future.

Runners were hired by the Wise "Just Ed" Ed, a retired shaolin monk diviner to return to his old monastery in his place, which is located on a mountain in the Yunnan region of China. As the region is filled with druglords, the runners hired a smuggler to get them into it, and in exchange for protection were driven right to the mountain. They scaled it, learned that evil spirits were being trapped somehow in ancient magical wards (pottery) and got to know the somewhat annoyed guardian spirit of the mountain. At night, the monastery was assaulted from multiple sides. While the runners dealt with the spirit assault, a covert operative managed to steal some pottery and break open the gates to a prison that used to keep an ancient evil by the name of Hundred Eyed Spider Demon King. In an effort to salvage the situation, the runners underwent a tiresome discussion with the guardian spirit of the land to figure out a way that would protect the mountain from the evil spirit, and learned of some unwilling nearby spirits that, if someone fought them and proved superior, would join the guardian spirit in defending the mountain, ensuring its safety. Three spirits were found in a nearby forest on the mountain plateau, and in a lethal encounter that drained physical and mental resources, the runners curried the favor of the local spirits, creating a powerful alliance that would shield the monastery for the following time of troubles.


A Thousand Suns, Part 1