A Thousand Suns, Part 2

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GM: User:AfroNin Runners:
RVP: 18
Date: 25th March 2018

Hired by Wise "Just Ed" Ed, a slightly senile diviner monk from a mountain monastery in Yunnan, the runners are tasked with taking out a small battalion of Wei forces that operates as well-organized Guerilla troops. They called themselves "Blue Lightning 102", and were made up of multiple highly skilled aircraft pilots, powerful mages, a group of four elite special forces, about a dozen extremely well-trained snipers and almost a hundred hardy soldiers. Ed's friend, a man by the name of Gui Wan, started the ambitious performance of a ritual that would even the playing field by summoning powerful ancestor spirits (namely the War Saint Guan Yu and his extended family), only Ed divined the future and realized that the army would try to hit him without destroying the temple that the ritual would be performed in so as to not anger the spirits of China and doom the nation's potential war victory. The battle took place at what is currently accepted by most historians to be the location of The Battle of Chi Bi, the Red Cliffs, a ferocious conflict between Wei and the unified Wu and Shu, ending in the collosal defeat of Cao Cao's forces by alleged wind manipulation and a lone man setting the entire fleet of Cao Cao's on fire by himself. The runners set up perimeters, bombed the harbor on the other side of Yangtse River and prepared for war. With a large amount of explosions, excessive force and a not unimportant tactical genius, the runners stood against the guerilla military forces. Their effectiveness may have been diminished as a result of being forced into the role of a guerilla troop, but this certainly was a feat regardless.

At the conclusion of the ritual, Gui Wan disappears, either consumed by the drain of the ritual or removed from existence as part thereof, and in his place the grand spirit Guan Yu appears, ready to take his role in the grand war for China's balance.

Journey To The East

A Thousand Suns, Part 2