A sticky situation

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GM: User:Someguy_339 Runners:
RVP: 12
Date: 25 June, 2019

(GladiusPOV) So, I got a ping from Hobbsy about a job, and to meet Johnson at the Hotspot. Since it was my first time in the Seattle Shadows, I figured I’d get there early and take in the lay of the land.

Moving Ahead, I was informed to duck into a back meeting room, and encountered two humans. One was definitely soft-handed, the other seemed a little...elusive. Introductions around, The Soft handed one was definitely a smoozer, goes by Miss Chief. Seemed nice. The dodgy one went by Arsonist. They both had the look, though. I let them do the negotiations. Missy got us a pay raise. Arsonist just kinda tried to hide in the seat.

Action time. Arson poked her nose in the trix to find out some stuff about the goons we had to get this prototype grenade launcher, The Moose Cannon, from Me and Missy did the old school legwork of flapping gums, and got a connection from Dave (Stu Howling Wolf). We got an appointment for some gear the next night.

We scouted the place out the next day. Checked around, did a little bit of “poking our nose where it doesn’t belong”, and Arson dropped a drone off. We almost fragged it, but with some flapping of the gums from me and Missy, we got out.

The Night of the meet… We rolled up when we were supposed to, and met our contact. Missy picked up some gear she doesn’t need, and I asked a few questions about their “heavier” gear. I got taken aside, we did some chatting, I slid him some grease for his lips, and I got a private demonstration scheduled for the next day. Arsonist did some more snooping with the drone, and found some boxes of splooge grenades for our cannon.

We planned to have Arsonist light up the tunnel of grenades solo with my bike, while me + Missy went to this special demonstration. I got scooped up and ended up on a hill about 100metres away from some dudes standing around. I pulled a “Hey, what’s that!” and gelled my escort into a sleep. I crept up and let Missy know I was making my approach. I engaged and gave five of them a gel-induced narcolepsy episode. We pincered the last one and got the splooge tube, then cleaned up after ourselves and made like a tree and fragged off. We all met up, and my bike was covered in this moose spunk. It was a pain in the ass to clean up. But we got paid. And a bonus of eight grand of gear each that we “taxed” for the two bullet holes in me.

A sticky situation