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Gender Male
Race Ursine-Minotaur Shifter, Caucasian/Native American Mix
Aura Type Adept
Essence 6
Primary Role Muscle
Secondary Role Bodyguard
Character Sheet User:Grazal_Thruka

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Street Cred {{{10}}}


Mino-bear Protection Specialist


No Man Left Behind

Hide your Wild Side


Not the first time I've died: Aegis has been "killed" on the job a couple times, which some people might find odd

Aegis owes a good sum of money to the coyote who got him into Seattle

Notable Qualities

  • Day Job (10h): Freelance Bodyguarding
  • In Debt 7
  • Dependents (Nuisance): Girlfriend


Aegis originally hails from the central Athabaskan Council. He served as a freelance bodyguard in that area and the Salish until a local elder he was charged with was shot point blank during a tense negotiation meeting. He was "killed" in the altercation, but woke up the woods less than an hour later and fled into Seattle. He tries to keep his ties to the NAN under wraps, lest it make him a less desirable bodyguard, which has worked so far.

Appearance and Style

  • Meat: Rather large troll. Has a strangely calming look about him
  • Astral form: Old Grizzly Bear
  • Matrix persona: Commlink Default


Aegis keeps himself very carefully groomed, in an attempt to keep his literal wild side from spilling over into his personal life Aegis is slow to make friends, but is fiercly loyal to those he makes. Aegis is very quiet, and is relatively subtle. Emphasis on "relatively" Aegis doesn't publize (or even really like to think about) his shifter nature, but he doesn't mind using it when it gives him the upper hand. Not even his girlfriend knows, but she's got suspicions.


Protect others from their own stupidity

Buy a house in Puyallup and retire



Boris Alan (R3)

Adept and registered bodyguard


"STANDARD" is not in the list (Prime, Sum to 11, Standard, Scum) of allowed values for the "Chargen type" property.

Awakened: Awakened

Facts about "Aegis"
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Has genderMale +
Has metaUrsine-Minotaur Shifter, Caucasian/Native American Mix +
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