Aim To Misbehave

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GM: user: Ice Hawk Runners:
RVP: 9
Date: 8 January 2019

The Runners are hired by Yoshiro Takanaka, Shuhensha to the Imagawa-Gumi, to save a Trid program that he loves from cancellation. He doesn't offer the team much compensation, but pleads to their humanitarian natures. Growth declines the job, but Leaf, Snow, and Arsonist are game and set about planning how to get that show back on the air. Arsonist goes on the matrix and discovers that the shows wrap party is being held in Club Penumbra that night, and that many of the stars, crew, and executives will be there, the perfect chance to get close to some of the executives to change their minds.

Leaf dons the persona of an entertainment journalist to dig up information on the head executive of Mitsuhama Media's NA branch. She discovers that the one in charge is a Gail Barman, a non-Japanese Dwarf woman who managed to climb the corporate ladder in a Japanacorp by embracing ruthlessness and efficiency. Leaf also discovers that Barman is an exceptionally unpleasant woman to deal with in person as her attempt at an interview fails spectacularly.

Snow gets the team access to the wrap party through her showbiz contacts, and seduces the showrunner to find out what is really going on. Apparently, Gail Barman had an "unprofessional" interest in one of the shows actresses, and when she was rebuffed, decided to kill the entire show as revenge. Snow leaves the team to advance her career the old fashioned way, while Arsonist backs Leaf up as they attempt to persuade the star into indulging Barman for the sake of the cast and crew, unfortunately the Star is horribly offended by the insinuation, and nearly punches leaf into overflow. It turns out the Star is a physad, and as Leaf goes into a bathroom to regrow her teeth, Snow White ducks back into the party to salvage the scene, and manages to convince the Star into going through with their plan, by confessing that it's just an ugly side of the buisness that even Snow has had to deal with.

The actress relents, and the show is saved. Officially, fan petitions are credited with saving the show, though it continues to flounder in the ratings. Snow White is able to turn her dalliance into an acting side gig, and was awarded the Day Job quality at char gen costs to reflect this.

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Aim To Misbehave