Ajax "thumper"

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Ajax Thumper.jpg
Gender Male
Race Troll, U.C.A.S.
Aura Type Mundane
Essence 1.45
Primary Role Street Samurai
Secondary Role Breaker/Lookout
Character Sheet [[1]]


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Street Cred 0


Ex Military special forces troll, Street Sam with focus on Shotguns/grenades


"Speaks softly and carries a big stick"

"Looks mean, has a soft side"


Want's to own a casino

Collects rare antique guns

Notable Qualities


SINner (National): Seattle

Prejudiced (Specific, Biased): Shapeshifters

Dependent (Nuisance)


Former special forces military, Ajax was the guy sent when a job was considered impossible. Officers never liked him, but they needed him and the army used him until he had nothing left to give. After what felt like the 1000th suicide mission went sideways resulting in yet another multi-month stay in an ICU Ajex decided he'd given enough. He left the military and went looking for honest defense work, but nothing filled that itch of putting you life on the line against people just as good at killing as he is. He turned to shadowrunning looking for fights worthy of his skills. Code name Thumper because of a secret love of an ancient Disney movie, plus he enjoys the sound his grenade launchers makes when it fires. *thump!*

Appearance and Style

  • Meat: Big even for a troll, scarred everywhere, Long dreadlocked hair
  • Astral form: How your guy looks while on the astral form. Mostly relevant for people with Projection, though other characters can end up there too.
  • Astral signature: N/A
  • Matrix persona: Same as Meatspace
  • Styles and symbols known for: Long dreadlocks, Big explosions


Loves the thrill of being close to death in a good brawl.

Calm and calculating always making plans.

Has a soft side especially for children.


Thrill of the fight



Testing his limits


Fake SINs go here, listing licenses

Darrik Strope

Bodyguard, Concealed Carry, Firearms, Driver's License, Large Blades

Name: Ajax "Thumper"

Chargen: Standard

Facts about "Ajax "thumper""
Chargen typeStandard +
Has auraMundane +
Has genderMale +
Has metaTroll, U.C.A.S. +
Has nameAjax "Thumper" +
Has roleStreet Samurai +