All Around The Watchtower

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Key info

Name of run was All Around The Watchtower.

Run was GM'd by User:AfroNin

Run completed on date 2017-10-17 00:00 UTC

Chester's drug lab avenged. The Last Jedi are now No More Jedi. Qui-Gin John dead, along with some equally weird cult members. Marko's Mysticalities dirty bombed into dust by runner team.

Locations Involved

  • Redmond Barrens
  • Chester's Kebab Palace
  • Markos Mysticalities

Important People

  • Chester, the Johnson, had his business avenged. Video evidence of the execution.
  • Qui-Gin John executed.

Impact on Setting

  • Markos Mysticalities has gone bankrupt, robbing many barrens residents cheap reagents and occult trinkets.
  • Crimson Crush re-established as a player in the area.

Facts and Fictions

ThresholdViaAboutWhatWho SaidAccuracy
3Shadow CommunityHotshotBurned a person's dick off with a laser pistol.Chester100
3Shadow CommunityMuttRe-purposed and detonated a dirty bomb that killed several people and a local business.Chester100

Runners and Rewards

Base Karma: 3, Nuyen: 9000

  • Actaeon Took straight cash. WftM 3. (18000 nuyens, 0 karmas)
  • Hot Sauce Took straight cash. WftP 3. Found R1 stealth dongle. (0 nuyen, 6 karma).
  • L∞p Got cybertech shop and 8750 nuyen in cybertech parts.
  • Mutt Got 100 nuyen in demolition materials. 15000 in cybertech parts.


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Misc Data Entry

Completed on00:00:00, 17 October 2017 +
GmUser:AfroNin +
Had runnerActaeon +, Hot Sauce +, L∞p + and Mutt +
Has nameAll Around The Watchtower +
Karma reward3 +
Nuyen reward9,000 +
Has subobject
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All Around The Watchtower + and All Around The Watchtower +