All You Need Is Love

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GM: User:Dusk Runners:
RVP: 13
Date: 10 August 2018


Jackie Ma was an ambitious young director who came to Seattle from Hong Kong to Seattle. But Seattle ended up as a graveyard of his dreams. Having directed direct to trideo movies such as: Growling tiger - Clawing dragon, Enter the samurai and Fists of the furious adept, he got so washed up that he fell into the clutches of the Yakuza and started making Simsense movies for them. There, he met Sakura "Maggie" Sato, the daughter of one of the Kannaga-gumi bosses of the Shotozumi-rengo, and they fell in love. Unable to marry due to ethnic barriers, Jackie stole a lot of money from Maggie's dad's business and went into hiding with Maggie. Maggie's brother, Sojiro has been relentlessly pursuing them, in an effort to kill Jackie and take back his sister, by force. Jackie seeing no way out, hired the runners to escort him and his fiance to Everett docks where they would quietly leave to Hong Kong and settle down with new identities, away from the grasp of the Yakuza.


The meet was with a scared and paranoid Jackie at Aunty Chan's tea house, in China town, Tacoma. There the team was ambushed by two Kannaga enforcers: Gorilla Moto and Wire Tenshi, along with some Yak thugs, in an effort to kill Jackie. But the team killed/subdued the attackers in the ensuing firefight. While Wan and Angel explicitly used less than lethal methods to take down the Yak hit squad. Omega's monowhip wielding arm was suddenly seized by a demon hand, causing the death of Wire Tenshi and two other Yak goons.


The team traveled with Jackie to Renton, where they were hiding, only to find Jackie's secret apartment vandalized and Maggie taken away. Sojiro requested the team to rescue Maggie, but taking care to not kill or maim her brother Sojiro under any circumstance. The team then used a mix of social and physical infiltration to get into the skyscraper penthouse of Sojiro, in downtown, disguised as the hitsquad sent to take out Jackie. Before heading there, the team had learned Sojiro is awakened (an aspected combat hedge mage). During this time, the team received a call from Maggie's father who was willing to forget the insult and offering double the money for the team to kill Jackie instead, to which the team refused, but added that should he want his daughter back they could just hire the team after the job was done.

At the penthouse, Angel distracted Sojiro long enough with an empty suitcase (supposed to contain Jackie's severed head) while she huffed jazz. This led to exchange of bullets and manabolts. This time, the demon hand was kept in check preventing further casualties among the Yakuza goons and Sojiro. The team then rescued Maggie and ensured that the couple successfully left the docks of Seattle in their boat.


Sojiro and most of the Yakuza men survived the run. However, Wire Tenshi and two other goons did not (who died by Omega's demon possessed hand). The lover were able to successfully travel to Hong Kong where they assumed new identities.

All You Need Is Love

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