An Eye for an Eye, a Mage for a Mage (run)

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GM: User:Ice_Hawk Runners:
RVP: 19
Date: 19 Dec 2018

The Meet

The runners were met by Inse Ortega, heavily burnt, half crystal woman who asked of them to kidnap, or in case of failure, kill a high ranking MCT Mage Researcher Daniel Takeshi. Monty and Mononoke declined the job at the meet because of blood magic familial connections, while Arsonist, Leaf and Wan tentatively accepted stating that they will not murder the target. Runners who declined were quickly chased down and captured by KE under false allegations and harassed for a day.

The Legwork

With a 7 days before their target is vulnerable runners start shaping their plan. They buy 2 Lamprey submersible as backup avenues of escape through the rivers. Also several scenes were made in the rail station to get access to the foreman and his commlink for hacking. Now with the detailed knowledge of the time tables and train serial numbers plan was set into motion by arranging a smuggling vehicle to unwittingly take them from the train to the seaside where the Aztech submarine will be waiting. Also gear was smuggled onto the train beforehand so they can more easily evade detection.

The Train

And evade detection they did by Wan turning the entire team into cockroaches who skittered underneath the seats while the security sweep of the train was done. With little time to spare as the train was speeding across the Japanese countryside team was forced to take out a guard who was simply sipping coffee and passing the time doing nothing. What they didn't notice with their cockroach eyes is that the guard had a biomonitor which alerted the whole train. So the preparations were interrupted by a full clip of Assault Rifle fire through the door and forced them into action. Fighting their way through several train cars of guards only to bust into the final car which was turned into an Astral Gateway by the spirit which nearly cost Wan her life. With a few pot shots at the mage's limp body from Arsonist and a paralysis from Leaf the mage was disabled and the guards dispatched, albeit with some difficulty.

The Hand-Off

Clueless smuggler came to pick up a briefcase and the runners boarded stealthily and dispersed various tracking devices on other vehicles or destroyed them, and simply hitched a ride to the seaside. Where they laid low until nightfall in one of Arsonist's safehouses. Mage was stuffed into the Lamprey and taken out to sea and handed off to Inse Ortega, which promptly retreated into the submarine and tried to dive down. Runners were left perplexed and without pay which caused Wan to dive after it and dent it. After realizing nothing could come of it except sinking of the submarine a tag was placed on it and anonymous information given to MCT about the kidnapping and identity of the people who currently hold Daniel Takeshi.

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An Eye for an Eye, a Mage for a Mage (run)