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Gender Female
Race Human, Japanese Imperial State
Aura Type Mundane
Essence 0.06
Primary Role Demolitions
Secondary Role Physical Infiltrator
Character Sheet Google Drive Folder
Player User:Herozen0
Street Cred 5


A infiltrator able to get in anywhere, with a focus on demolitions


Demolitions Expert



  • Has a van full of bombs as her main vehicle
  • Parents are veteran shadowrunners still in the Canton Confederation
  • Wanted by Wuxing

Notable Qualities


Perfect Time

Wanted (Wuxing)

Bad Rep

Made Man (Finnigan Family)


Na Yong was born to richer shadowrunner parents in the Canton Confederation, who were the ones who provided her with her 'ware. Over her childhood, she was taught chemistry and a wide variety of uses for it, becoming used to success. When Na was a teenager, her parents started teaching her how to use all types of guns, how to hide illegal things, and introduced her to to concept of shadowrunning. She saw it as a challenge and sought to be the best she could, with the only reason she doesn't expect success and money to come easily being her parents warnings. At the end of her career in China, she was hired by a Japancorp, she doesn't know which, to destroy one of Wuxing's warehouses discreetly. She would have succeeded, but she and her team failed to account for a Watcher who reported what the team looked like. They parted ways, their life in China over, and Na fled to Japan to try to hide from Wuxing, adopting her current disguise. Her contacts in China broke ties with her, and she has to find a new fixer. When she meet Arcade, her career in Japan started. She now lives in the city of Yokohama, in Kanagawa, Japan.

Appearance and Style

  • Meat: 'As Arsonist' Japanese, brown hair, blue eyes, 5'1", 150 pounds, 28 years old
  • Astral form: An ebony mask with shifting shadows flowing down, with holes in her eyes, ears, and insides
  • Matrix persona: A collection of sparks forming a constellation
  • Styles and symbols known for: Signatures, Distinctive Styles, etc etc


Arrogant, perfectionist

Arsonist is very secretive, though she's will to work with a team. She had little empathy, but will go nonlethal if the team wants it.


Na wants to become the best at what she does, and earn some money on the side. She's also looking to stay hidden until she can survive the danger from Wuxing


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Wang Jing

Restricted Bioware License, Restricted Cyberware license, Explosives license, Firearms license


"PRIME/STANDARD/STREET" is not in the list (Prime, Sum to 11, Standard, Scum) of allowed values for the "Chargen type" property.

Awakened: Awakened

Facts about "Arsonist"
Has auraMundane +
Has awakenednessAwakened +
Has genderFemale +
Has metaHuman, Japanese Imperial State +
Has nameYOURNAME +
Has roleDemolitions +
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