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Gender Male
Race Elf, UCAS
Aura Type Technomancer
Essence 6.00
Primary Role Hacker
Secondary Role Marksman
Character Sheet [Google Drive]
Player User:Vetra
Street Cred 0.00


A short summary of your concept

Multi role Technomancer but primarily a sleaze hacker, marksman in meatspace.


Repeated behaviors or identifiable visual tics. Could be in either of the following formats, or something else.

Friendly Sniper

Do Anything Soldier

Short Range Long Range Weapon

Beware The Nice Ones


Things that could be useful for a GM to know to further tailor the run for your character, or would make you entertaining to take on a run. Could be stuff like

  • Won't kill a member of the UCASAF
  • Cares more about the safety of his fellow runners then compromising his own position

Notable Qualities

Qualities that the GM should know about in advance, including but not limited to:

  • UCAS SINner
  • Sensitive System
  • Emotional Attachment


Artillery is a Technomaner. Some Technos come about because they were trapped in the matrix during Crash 2.0, others just develop their power out of thin air. Artillery is the former, but what makes him special is where it happened. Michael Mori was in the UCAS Air Force before becoming a shadowrunner, Officially his MOS was as Military Police, but he also worked many a job around the base itself. Michael's emergance was not without complication however with all of the base's data streams; it's vehicles, weapons, and communication, as well as all of the data coming out of personal equipment, it was overwhelming him. Many times during the day he had to stop whatever he was doing just to focus on the data and control it the best he could. Despite this, he made it through the his tour of duty without too much notice of his new found abilities.

Now Michael had two options: use his matrix abilities in some line of work to make a living, or squander it way as a gun slave for some corp. Honestly, the second option was not even an option at all.

Appearance and Style

  • Meat: Shorter then the average elf. He has a lean but well built frame. His brown hair is kept as a short buzz cut, and tries to be clean shaven when possible. Bright Brown eyes and an olive skin of Mediterranean ancestors contrast his thin nose and pointed ears from being an elf. He usually wears a Warm Leather Trench Coat when not in his armor.
  • Astral form: N/A
  • Astral signature: N/A
  • Matrix persona: Semi-WWI era soldier in a gas mask.
  • Styles and symbols known for: None so far


Artillery tries to stay somewhat jovial and upbeat, facing the world with a smile but loosing the attitude when needed. He likes to think that just smiling and laughing will throw people off, sometimes he's right.


Currently, Artillery's main motivation is to just live the runner life. Money, the high life, anything he would want, it would come in time... as long as he's good.


None so far

Judas Cord

Bounty Hunter's License, Concealed Carry License, Firearms License, Pilot's License

Automatic Stuff


Allies: None

Enemies: None


Contact toLoyalty
J.B. Croften1
Real McCoy2
Irving "No One" Wright3
Francis Gray1

Notable Techniques


Notable Possessions





DateNameWorked With
30 March 2019Revenge of the SpidermooseSongbird


Facts and Fictions

Things said and known about them


Things they said or know about


Quotes Involving Them


Simplified Downtime March 2019


Make New Friends- J.B Croften, Igor

Make New Friends- Irving "No Wing" Wright, Simmons


Do Favor- J.B. Croften

Improve Loyalty- Real McCoy (1 to 2), Irving "No Wing" Wright (1 to 2, 2 to 3)

Name: Michael Mori

Chargen: Standard

Awakened: Awakened

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