Austin City Limits

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GM: User:Someguy_339 Runners:
RVP: 15
Date: 14 August 2018

The runners meet Mr. Johnson in Austin, Texas and discover they are to break an inmate out of prison and deliver him to a location on the Aztlan-side of the city. Upon acceptance, the runners formulate a plan to gain access to the prison and extract their target. Spider does recon on the Matrix about the prison and finds that they use an outsourced repair company for medical device issues. The runners then determine they should be able to fake the death of the patient and extract him via a city morgue service once the prison rules the target dead. The wireless connected machine that will be used on the patient goes kaput thanks to some matrix manipulations and the call to the repair company gets rerouted. With the plan in place, the runners disguise themselves as repairmen and infiltrate their way in. Paige is able to keep the guards distracted with her fast talk while Garo sneaks into the procedure room and switches out an epipen for one filled with slab.

The ruse works and the runners come back a short time later posing as city morgue officials to collect the body. After ensuring the package is sedated properly, the runners take a roundabout way around he border to Aztlan to deliver the target. Once there, they discover they are being watched and arrange to have the delivery made next door instead. The drop is made and things get hot in the area, but the runners book it after payment, seeing no need to get involved. The Johnson, "Lucky" Luke Lonnegan, commends them for a job well done and indicates he might have future work for them.

Half of My Heary

Austin City Limits