Back On The Wagon

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GM: USER:KB Runners:
RVP: 11
Date: 2018-02-11: 17:30 to 23:30 UTC

The runners received a job invitation through a public semi-legal job board, and they met the J at Darryl's Tavern in Shoreline (Downtown). The J informed the runners that he needed a piece of heavy equipment transported from Seattle to Bakersfield, CFS within 1 week. After negotiation, the J agreed to provide the runners with a large discretionary "Slush Fund" for use on job-related expenses, provided the runners kept records of their purchases.

The equipment was a large construction vehicle that was capable of moving on its own, but the team still needed to rent an Americar because of limited seating space. After bribing a guard on the Metroplex/SSC border, the team departed right away on a path through the SSC/PCC that would circumvent Tir Tarngire.

They were set upon by go-gangers during the first night of travel, but they were able to dispatch them without any serious problems.

On the road between Spokane and Boise, the heavy equipment got stuck in the mud during a storm. It took the team 6 hours to dig the equipment out of the mud. The process was expedited due to the use of explosives to create some gravel for traction.

The team was delayed on the SSC/PCC border due the fact that special permits are required to transport heavy equipment on PCC roads. Acquiring these permits would normally take several days, so the team appealed to a middle-manager and tried to make a deal. They were informed that expediting their permits would set off red flags for a PCC municipal judge in Las Vegas who is on a constant crusade against smugglers. The team was told that if the judge could be neutralized, they would be able to move through the PCC freely.

At this point, they split up into two teams. The decker (Lockpick) remained with the heavy equipment at the PCC border, and the Face (Monty), Sam(Ice_Hawk), and Mage (Max_Mayhem) traveled ahead in the Americar to Las Vegas. The decker was able to get the judge's location by hacking his comlink, and the team came up with a plan to frame the judge for planning an act of terrorism. They wrote a manifesto criticizing the corrupt PCC, and loaded it onto the judge's comlink. Finally, the Las Vegas team infiltrated the Judge's house and planted some bomb-making materials.

They were able to impersonate the judge and send the fake manifesto on his behalf. He was quickly arrested, and the team soon gained the authorization to transport their equipment on PCC roads. They had no further incidents until they reached Los Angeles.

From here, recent seismic activity had made the roads north dangerous, and the team took an overland path that avoided any rough terrain. Unfortunately, this was the turf for an awakened go-gang that rode spirits into combat. Several attackers riding beast spirits engaged the team and inflicted heavy damage on both personnel and equipment. After an extended battle, the team was able to defeat the attackers and continue forward.

They arrived in Bakersfield with a day to spare and they received payment from the J. They were on their own for travel accommodations home.

Back On The Wagon

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