Bad Breakups

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GM: User: Evilexecutive Runners:
RVP: 9
Date: 30 Dec 2018

An anonymous Horizon representative hired the runners to forcibly break-up an Orkish Death Metal band called "Slaughtering Wageslaves". His conditions were to either socially engineer the band's breakup, or to geek enough of its members to cause the band to collapse(With a strong preference for making it look like a case of trog-related violence). In addition, he also agreed to pay a bonus to the runners if they stole the band's unreleased records. The runners mutually agreed that they were going to attempt a non-lethal approach to disbanding "Slaughtering Wageslaves".

During the legwork phase, the band's identities were quickly established. The band members were Ripgut(Singer), Maiden(Backup singer/Groupie), Doom(Lead guitarist), Sledge(Main songwriter, guitarist), Kalashnikov(Rhythm Guitar), and Steeltits(Drummer), all of whom went by runner names as their band personas. The runners quickly discovered that the band was rife with inter-member drama, and that Sledge was a rather severely maladjusted individual. Kalashnikov was found out to be a SINer(Which is a big deal for barrens goblin metal groups), and so the runners decided to work with him first.

  • Kalashnikov was removed from the band nonviolently, by convincing him and his girlfriend to sign a deal with EVO, through use of their contact Rachel.
  • Steeltits was also removed nonviolently, as she was signed on by the same deal. Steeltits was also given a corporate SIN in exchange for signing an exclusivity contract with EVO. The two happily now play music as a vocal-less power metal duo.
  • Sledge was killed when Huskarl showed up to the band's apartment and ran him through with a sword. Nobody bothered to mourn the loss of a Halloweener with a fetish for strangling hookers.
  • Ripgut was arrested. The runners used the magic of very literal pornomancy to create a video of his girlfriend getting it on with Doom. This provoked him into killing both his girlfriend and the last Guitarist. He was also convicted of murdering Sledge(The police had an inconvenient body, and decided to just ride that case on Ripgut as well).
  • Maiden was killed by Ripgut
  • Doom was killed by Ripgut.

Curiously enough, the band stored their unreleased music on vinyl disks. Nobody with a nick of music knowledge understood the significance of keeping such old physical media.

At the end of the run, Kalashnikov and his girlfriend became a contact for the runners. Horizon also released several previously unknown singles from the now defunct Band, which charted 60/100 on the Metal Alternative 2 listing for a week.

Bad Breakups