Bad Name

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Key info

Name of run was Bad Name.

Run was GM'd by User:Joseph

Run completed on date 2017-10-14 14:00 UTC

Johnson Valentino Castagno and Emfaelor Padi are alive, paid the runners, and nobody betrayed anyone.

Mononoke purchased a 5-year-subscription of "Jab Monthly"

Locations Involved

  • Aztech Forest Clearing
  • Shimiya Corp HQ
  • Omaha Jay's Warehouse

Important People

  • Ward mage employee of ISS

Impact on Setting

Facts and Fictions

ThresholdViaAboutWhatWho SaidAccuracy
3Shadow CommunityHotshotA very intelligent individual. Guaranteed best shotcallerMononoke0

Runners and Rewards

Base Karma: 6, Nuyen: 39000, 10000nY of bioware/medicine crafting materials

Misc Data Entry

Facts about "Bad Name"
Completed on14:00:00, 14 October 2017 +
GmUser:Joseph +
Had runnerSpark ;) +, Mononoke +, Kouryuu +, Ashurbanipal + and Hotshot +
Has nameBad Name +
JohnsonValentino Castagno + and Emfaelor Padi +
Karma reward6 +
Nuyen reward39,000 +
Has subobject
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Bad Name +