Bayou Blues (run)

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GM: User:AfroNin Runners:
RVP: 14
Date: 23rd June 2020

Hired by a Johnson going by "Mister Dupont" for a job in New Orleans, the runners get into this supernatural city via upgraded hobbyist seaplane and locate Blue Nile club owner Carlos. He tells them of a Loa Avatar by the name of "Danger Joseph," whose self-assigned mission it is to "purge" the city of the "impure," whatever the hell that means. He touches minds with La Cazadora, and she becomes painfully aware of this particular spirit's painful inception, and as he learns of her plight, he agrees to help them. He introduces them to Papa Haiti, the leading Houngan and representative of all of New Orleans. They give the party an evil spirit-defeating powder, and the partys enter the Bayou to deal with the problem. First they get assaulted by mutated alligators and crocodile people, and then they finally stage off with evil spider spirits growing spirit babies. After nearly dying, they do eventually take them out.

ARR: La Cazadora

Got shaken awake by Abigail. Again.

Ramos signed me up for a job without me knowing. Again.

So I got forcibly dressed up, popped a Bliss, and marched out into the wide horrible world. Again.

Eventually ended up in a park, where two others waited for me. Some big Nartaki woman, Lola, and some smaller woman wearing a kimono, Nines. Typical workpartners.

As ordered, we sat down on a park bench. Opposite of some astral skeletons, some kind of spirits that were hanging around. Drinking and smoking, and otherwise enjoying their night. Though they hated kimono girl.

Eventually, our Johnson deigned to show up. An ork. He talked about some problems his friends were having in New Orleans. Some shapechangers, being harrassed by a group utilizing vodoo. Didn't have exact details, but he had a contact in the area who could tell us more.

Johnson arranged the transport. A...pilot. Some fucking stuntman daredevil who seemed to think he was putting on a show, and forced out the entire contents of my stomach. When we finally touched down, we stepped out into air thicker than a smoke room, hot and humid as hell. NOLA seemed partially submerged, we were practically waddling through water while walking the streets. Half the city was raining at any given time, and you could drink the water out of the air it was so thick. Seems a bunch of water spirits had it in for the city, since they were constantly fighting with one another to see who could flood the city better, and ensuring no magician was able to get the disasters under control.

Definitely, the absolute worst place I have ever, in my life, ever been.

We took a taxi across town to some club called the Blue Nile, where we were supposed to meet up with our contact. Guy named Carlos. Handsome guy, was a little tempted to forget the job for a night, especially when he offered some whiskey.

After some convincing, he told us about our guys. The locals, the shapechanger, apparently they caught a bad relation with the civilized folks when they tried to take the place over several decades ago. They'd since changed their ways, but old grudges die slowly. They were being harrassed by some practicers of voodoo. Reason unknown, but not the hardest thing to deduce. Still, Carlos didn't know the whole story, for that, he pointed us in the direction of a guy named Joseph Danger.

Joseph was an avatar. A person who voluntarily allows themslves to be possessed by a vodoo persona, giving themselves up as a vessel for the spirit's cause. For some reason that I couldn't even try to understand.

With a picture, tried to send Sage out to find him, but he came up short. Fortunately, there's a few spirits out there. I summoned up Diablo to help us instead. Was able to find him across town.

When we found him, he was standing over some woman. Bleeding out, and with a spirit departing from her body. Then he turned around and looked at us, not particularly happy to see us, but willing to talk.

Tried my best to keep things cool. Had a feeling in my gut that a fight wouldn't exactly go in our favor. Plus, we needed him. The sooner we could get what we needed, and get him to depart, the sooner we could take care of that poor girl.

We told him our purpose. Voodoo people that were harassing the shapeshifter clan. He didn't seem to interested in the beasties, but he was willing to get on board with purging the voodoo guys. Corrupt magic, he called them. Dark magic. Deserving of destruction.

Seemed we managed to find some common ground.

Before our avenger was willing to help us, though, he wanted to put me through some kind of 'trial of faith.'

He placed his hands around my head, and did some kind of...mind probe. Our minds touched together. He tore down, seeing everything I kept in the shadows of my mind, all the damage and pain...and I saw into his.

Saw his...anger. Pain. So many lifetimes of struggle. Fighting to root out corruption. For a woman he used to know.

I...understood him.

After that, he told us to meet up later. At a graveyard.

We made sure the woman got an ambulance, and then met up there. Danger was there, as well as one other, another avatar. This one in the body of an old witch doctor that looked like a demon inside was the only thing still holding the walking corpse together.

Introduced himself as Papa Legba. A figure that Danger assured us was worthy of respect.

He told us about the creatures we'd be fighting. An tribe called the Congo Drummers. Practicianers of Obeah. Evil voodoo magic.

They had summoned up a monster that was attacking the shapechangers, and anyone else they came across. Evil spider spirits.

Then he told us how to destroy them. And keep them out of our world permanently. Handed us a magical powder. We'd need to kill them the normal way, then afterward, sprinkle the powder on their bodies to force them back onto their own plane where they belonged.

Danger pinpointed where in the bayou we'd need to go to find this queen. And sent us on our way.

The swamps were even worse than the city in terms of stink, humidity, and ruined shoes. After wading through 5 feet of that marsh, I swore to burn those clothes the moment I got back to civilization.

Summoned up a beastie that I hadn't seen for a while. Corrador, the Rat.

Figured that if we were going into the marsh, we might as well try to get nature on our side.

Spent the time on the way enlisting every croc we saw to fight on our side when the battle came.

Came up on the den with a small army. Crept up on some kind of nest, with eggs that were radiating magical aura. A hundred eggs to smash.

Lola got started, from a distance, with a laser gun. Which stirred up the nest and got mama coming after us with her own army.

The two armies didn't last long against each other. But my side definitely lost. The others kept getting pulled forward by mama spider, and Corredor left the moment all the crocs were gone. Felt pretty exposed in the rear, staring down a giant spider that shot poisonous web at me. Hit the deck, diving into all the sludge, doing anything I could to escape being torn apart immediately.

Reached out to whatever spirits were nearby. First a water spirit, that immediately died.

Then was able to get an Earth Spirit, that surrounded the spider and beat it to death. And save my life in the process.

Pulling myself out of the mud, I checked on the others, who managed to kill the queen and salt the earth with the powder.

Came out of that marsh half-dead. But with a new friend, I suppose.

Went back to Carlos to rest up. Got the hero's welcome; a bottle of whiskey and a back room. Somewhere in-between shots, I found the awareness to call up the Johnson and let him know the immediate threat was taken care of. The skinchangers wouldn't be wiped out by the spiders. But their summoners, the Congo Drummers, were still a threat that would need taking care of.

At that moment, though, I was too tired to care about that.

I needed a hot bath, a long sleep, and a strong drink.

Bayou Blues (run)