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Beatbox portrait.png
Gender Female
Race Human
Aura Type Adept
Essence 6
Primary Role Unarmed Adept
Secondary Role Heavy Weapons
Character Sheet [Character Sheet]
Player User:Mishima
Street Cred 0


LA Street girl blessed with an early awakening goes a'running to stick it to the man.


  • Estranged from her little sister, a pop/rapstar in LA that goes by Firecat and is currently drinking the Horizon koolaid.
  • Can't stand racists. Can't stand gangs. Can't stand corporate bullshit. Is there anything she can stand?
  • Borrowed money from some loan sharks to make the move from LA to Seattle and isn't happy about it. Made the move in the first place because she thought she might catch some heat after a run-gone-bad in the City of Angels.
  • Being social is hard and she's rather hit things, but she could also really used some friends...

Notable Qualities

  • Wanted: Evo. May have done a run that went bad in LA, and she's not clear whether EVO was the client or the hit. But they seem to have it out for her now, though she thought relocating to Seattle would help.
  • Tough and Targeted. Back home in her home-ground neighbourhood in LA, she's known as... a lot of unflatteing things, but bad bitch is one of them. Word spreads, especially when gangers are the ones talking.


Orchid was born sicky, tiny and underweight and she was frequently ill as a child. Her father, a wealthy real-estate agent tried several medical professionals, but even with bio and geneware meant to facilitate her recovery notihng seemed to take. Then, at only eleven, she awakened; and the surge of mafical power not only cured her afflictions, but bonded that gene and bioware to her natural form in some odd flux of power. Unfortuantely it wasn't long afterwards that pops got fucked over by some business partners, and the whole family ended up on the street and in the worst neighbourhood LA had to offer. Both her folks are gone now, but her sister is still around; though they aren't on speaking terms. Orchid got into running to pay the bills, and enjoyed decent success until a bad job either for or against EVO called down some heat on her and she relocated to Seattle.

Appearance and Style

  • Physical: A goddess of fitness, if she was much bigger you could easily mistake her for an Orc, and some people still do. Usually has her hair in a fro, but sometimes keeps it loose and frizzy or in dreads. Toys with hair dyes, but she's fond of a single patch of red. Often wears flattering clothing, but tends to dress pretty casual all the same.
  • Astral form: A dark blue version of herself, with much sharper teeth and armor similar to her matrix persona.
  • Matrix persona: Much the same as her real self, though she exchanges the casual out fits for Amazon-style armor. Some Wonder Woman shit, you know?


Quiet, not very social naturally but she's... trying? To learn how to people? Somewhat confrontational, loud about her opinions and beliefs.


Money, but she's not above a charity case for a good cause once in awhile. Doesn't play much of that corp drama shit, jsut make it simple for her.

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Name: Beatbox

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