Best Served Cold

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GM: User:Dusk Runners:
RVP: 18
Date: 02 March 2019


As a result of The Hunter and the Hunted Dr. Walter Serrano was murdered in cold blood by Haven runners. Michelle Serrano the treacherous 2nd wife of Walter took over the company with the help of her body snathcing mysad lover, James Turing. Before dying Walter sent a coded message to April, his daughter and Bart Rockatansky the head of security at Serrano industries. April and Bart swore to bring the two to justice. Walter had kept a datachip with all the incriminating evidence against the duo in a secure vault at Loch-Tech a A rated data bank. The locker is coded to Walter's genetic code. Due to him dying and his body destroyed its impossible to recover the data, all the more so since Turing has assumed Walter's identity, with altered SINs. April hired the runners to infiltrate the bank and get the data.


The meet took place in the now abandoned compound of Project Butterfly. April provided the runners with a contact an "inside guy" at Loch-Tech who could provide support if needed.


Lacking any beefy matrix support, the runners turned to the inside guy who arranged for their names to be put into the host as contracted plumbers with legit ID cards. The runners also gain access to the floor plans of the highly secure bank with 3 vaults and learn that there is a code master who is responsible for making randomized codes for each locker. The runners go to Bellevue where they first trick the night watchman as members of MoM to gain entry into the gated community where the code master lived. But things went tits up real fast when their facade was revealed. Knocking out the watchman and the code master in front of his family, to their horror. Knowing that news of this kidnapping will spread and the vaults will get locked out, the codes reset. The team went full mohawk and blasted their way straight into the underground vault floor, through the Ork underground, using explosives and a mining drill. What resulted was a quick and decisive fight between the team and the stationed security, but the runners were able to get the data before HTR arrived.

News of theft from the locker owned by Walter was delivered by the bank to the fake Walter. Although James didn't know what was inside, he knew that if Walter hid something away in a locker was valuable enough for runners to bust it out, its probably something against him. James kidnapped April and demanded the data in ransom, but secretly just wanted to kill everyone involved in the heist to tie up any loose ends. The runners saw through this and made precautions. When the final showdown came to be, the runners prevailed, but not before James made MissChief bleed profusely, in the guise of April.


April was able to do Justice by his father. She inherited Serrano Petrochemical industries, donated 50% to Project Butterfly (better healthcare and free school for the employees, ex-employees and their family). Bart, an old friend of Walter, resumed his job back as head of security. Few days after their incarceration, Michelle mysteriously committed suicide in her cell and James was forcibly burnt out to the point of being a mundane.

The Little People

Best Served Cold