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GM: User:Jay Runners:
RVP: 20
Date: 11 Jan 2019

The runners are hired by Toshiro Mifune on behalf of Mitsuhama Computer Technologies to investigate what they believed to be an Aztechnology Blacksite in the Rocky Mountains. The runners managed to find it, and after making contact with Pueblo Corporate Council Official Jen Rev ("Generates-Revenue-From-Property-Taxes") managed to secure a second paycheck to find out what happened to the PCC's team, which never came out.

Finding the datastore in the facility proved easy, but the data was encrypted and the facility was running low on power -- which would destroy the data. Additionally, the facility's nuclear core had entered meltdown, bathing much of it in radiation. Despite the dangers, the runners scavenged and hacked, discovering the Aztechnology had been studying an experimental portal they had opened to another world. Monsters from the other world -- a sort of Regenerating Biophage -- had entered and killed everyone, including the PCC team. The monsters proved a challenging obstacle to the runners (putting Leaf in grave danger), but ultimately runners managed to decrypt the core and contain the subsequently gone-critical core to only damage the facility, probably closing the portal, which had depended on the reactor for power to stay open.



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