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GM: User:Dusk Runners:
RVP: 13
Date: 20 August 2018


Horizon contracted their next big movie "Phased Mayhem" to a relatively smaller studio "Space Monkey Studios". The movie starred Steve "The Dragon" Blaze. An adept martial artist and action superstar. Despite this both Blaze and the CEO of SMS felt that they should eliminate any chances of this movie not becoming a blockbuster. The movie featured Blaze, as a lone urban warrior, out for social justice against the masses and fighting against "the man". So they decided a PR stunt, showing "the man" trying to take down Blaze in real life would stir up the hearts of the people and earn him a lot of sympathy. And what better way to pull off the stunt than hiring real shadowrunners to do a fake hit on him.


The meet took place at The Seamstress Union, in Redmond. A popular hangout for shadowrunners owned by Miss Kubota and famous for being involved in taking down the Universal Brotherhood. Blaze arrived wearing a suit that looked like posh karate uniform and a qi focus "dragon" head band, which he claimed to have inherited after undergoing rigorous training in the mountains, jungles and volcanoes of Hawaii, supposedly under a dragon. Wearing, sunglasses, indoors, at night and behaving like a 6th world Steven Seagal, the runners guessed correctly that he's mostly talking drek, even though him being an adept and having a qi focus is true. The runners were asked to bust into the inauguration of the movie, happening at Cinerama. A fake fight would ensue between Blaze and his guards vs the runners. The bodyguards would be wearing murder armor and shooting SnS rounds while the runners must take out the guards using gel rounds only, resulting in fake injuries or death. The runners must also not fight Blaze and eventually be defeated and routed by him. Under no circumstances are they allowed to kill or injure anyone, especially Blaze.


Shortly after the meet, the team got an anonymous call offering a higher sum of money to actually kill Blaze. The runners refused, alerting the Johnson and spent the night tracking the caller down. They lied to the caller, arranging a meet in the matrix. This seemed fishy as the caller's avatar, a humanoid with a screen for a head, spoke nothing, instead displaying text based answers to the runner's questions. Using the help of a fellow runner decker, they traced the caller to an abandoned warehouse in Redmond where they found the caller, a drug addicted woman, strapped to a chair full of low grade explosives, being forced to do the meet using a list of pre written questions and answers. The true caller would then get the info from their hostage. Further investigation and mind probing led them into Rat's nest, where they found, two armed people captured the woman there and drove off in a Hyundai Shin-Hyung. The team tried to trace the car, but lost its track when it merged into the highway, post Tourustville. Using contacts, the team found out the identity of the runners hired by the caller (after he suspected the PC runners wont accept) to kill Blaze during the inauguration. Before the enemy runners could hit Blaze next day, the runners tracked down the rivals to a motel where Mayhem (ork street sam), Edgeless (elf blade adept) and Heatwave (human mage) were hiding, along with their parked Shin-Hyung. Growth and the rest of the team successfully intimidated the rivals to back off from the job, without causing any armed conflict. The unknown caller having lost his runners did not have a backup plan to kill Blaze. The event went as planned with the hilarious, albeit embarrassing, PR stunt making it to the news.


Johnny Blaze received tons of sympathy and his new movie was a super hit. Horizon profited a whole lot. The respective fixer's of the runners laughed at the hilariousness of the job and seeing the tough runners, run away.