Broken Compass (run)

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GM: User:Rinnolk Runners:
RVP: 20
Date: 28th November 2018

Runners are hired to retrieve Penny Anders, daughter of the CEO who was abducted from the Fair Lady cruise ship. Sam Allers is the Johnson who wants Penny back because of the way the will is structured. Some investigation has been done by him but people go missing, become forgetful or turn up dead.

After investigating a few guards and other witnesses from the Fair Lady runners find a Tanamous spy squad guarding one of the guards. 3/4 get quickly turned to ash or bashed in by while Growth mind probes the remaining one and runners quickly go up the Tanamous chain of members in Seattle and cleanse the city via spirits and mind probe.

With the information gained from numerous mind probes and burned down hosts by Angel and Geodesic runners head to Rio Lagartos, Yucatan. After a phonecall to a Fixer Angel locates Scorched Pete who is a ghoul smuggler and gets runners into some smuggling fridges into Asamando.

After a few city incursion, car chases on foot by a bunch of infected and some legwork into the fantastical Nyamkopon runners find out that Penny is being held in a farm upstate (a farm of the human variety). They hide the escape van that carries fridges around town near the farm and break in, murdering dozens of ghouls in the progress and rescue six humans with most of their humanity intact (though they were still in poor condition). They escape with the van into the airport and load themselves up on a plane and jump out after leaving Asamando.

The Johnson organizes a whole medical team to receive them and rewards them with a hefty bonus for dangerous work as was agreed upon in advance.

(48 RVP with Multiplier, +1 SC)

Broken Compass (run)