Building Contract

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GM: Herozen0 Runners:
RVP: 11
Date: 01/14/2019

A local hires the team to stop the construction in the area, since the noise bothers them. They get money from her by exploiting how high she was. They also get it in escrow in case the Johnson overdoses.

They investigate if there is any geological or religious reason they could get the building stopped. They go to a local university and ask around until they find out about caverns under the factory. Songbird gets bloggers to protect, while Jagganoth goes through the sewers to find a way into the caverns. Huskarl goes to look into the caverns after Jagganoth finds it.

They decide to use a crane to drop heavy equipment from high enough that it'll reach the caverns. They kidnap the worker in charge of the crane, and drop valuable equipment down. Songbird runs away while Jagganoth, Leaf, and Huskarl knocks out the entire security force. After they leave, the construction is cancelled due to the caverns. The Johnson pays and thus the run ends.

Best Not Miss

Building Contract