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Summary for GMs

Gender Male
Race Elf, Caucasian
Aura Type Magician
Essence 6
Primary Role Whipman
Secondary Role Caster
Character Sheet Character Sheet
Player User:Jigurd
Street Cred 5


Magic Bullshit hunter who is out to kill his vampire brother.


Name of Cain


  • Is in the business of hunting and killing anything magical and dangerous, from a ghoul infestation to a blood mage cult.
  • Once critically glitched a ritual while trying to set up a circle of healing. One of the examples listed in the book is "your circle of healing turns into an astral gateway and you get dumped on a metaplane, or something equally unpleasant your gamemaster thinks up."

Notable Qualities

  • Vendetta (his brother)
  • Driven (find his brother, and then murder him)
  • Prejudice, Radical (Infected)



A former University of Carolina in the Sky professor who abrubtly left his career after his younger brother got turned into a vampire and killed their parents.

Now he travels North America trying to track down his brother, and destroying every infected nest, blood mage, toxic shaman or insect spirit hive he runs into on the way.

Appearance and Style

  • Meat: Brown hair, tall-ish, overcoat, serious
  • Astral form: Outfit similar to a Bloodborne hunter
  • Astral signature: A sense of being watched
  • Matrix persona: The default for his device
  • Styles and symbols known for:




The whole fraticide thing



Vincent Vega

Hunter and PI. Has a mage's license, a firearms license and a concealed carry permit

Auto Stuff