Call of the Spidermoose (Run)

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GM: User:Someguy_339 Runners:
RVP: 12
Date: 7 March 2019

Tammy Whitestar, flush with success from her recent spidermoose-centric research triumphs, is looking for more volunteers to help her learn more about these majestic creatures.

She's looking for more volunteers because the last eleven volunteers died.

Jet, Ice Hawk and Sturgeon meet her at her lab, where she outlines the plan: infiltrate a disused MCT facility in an uncertain location to steal their discarded research data, and also club a toxic mage over the head and bring him in for interrogation. Everyone agrees to this and they set off into the wilderness to find the old Mitsuhama lab.

On the way they encounter aggressive spidermoose, glowhounds, and a minotaur decker who claims to be on holiday. Brick joins the team, and helps locate the facility - a ruined building in the center of a lake.

The team quickly discover that the lake is in fact plagued by random electrical discharges from a high-energy capacitor bank, thanks to their spidermoose-observing talents. Rather than being fried to a crisp, the discharges are reduced to a modest tingle and they're able to reach the facility entrance. Inside, the building is infested with radrats. And glowhounds. And toxic spirits. It is also in a rather poor state of repair, amply demonstrated by the substantial influx of water as stray gunfire and acid blasts erode the walls even further. With the help of a dead dog and some industrial adhesive, the leak is plugged and the team battle through the monstrous denizens of the laboratory. Ice Hawk handily knocks the toxic mage unconscious by narrowly dodging a rather robust acid stream spell, and even the highly radioactive angel squirrels are no match for the intrepid explorers.

Ploughing through automated defences, the team find the antiquated server room, power it up and steal MCT's spidermoose and angel squirrel research information. Returning it to Tammy, they help her bully some further information out of the toxic mage, then turn him in to the proper authorities for a fat cash reward. An ecstatic Tammy rewards the team with red star stickers for a job well done.

The Little People

Call of the Spidermoose (Run)