Capricious Wind

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GM: User:AfroNin Runners:
RVP: 15
Date: 05th April 2018

Runners hired by Null to infiltrate Guangzhou shipyard close to Hong Kong, operated and owned by Wuxing, and to sabotage THE WUXING SERPENTINE DESTROYER ship, a piece of cutting edge military technology that would have been a formidable opponent in future naval combat. After hacking a host, locating a file with relevant personnel data, the runners have become aware that a group of specialist engineers is being shipped in via Hong Kong airport, then loaded onto a transport ship and brought over to the shipyard. By using a Proteus Lamprey and operating in top secret agent matter, the runners sneak onto said ship, silently make one of the engineers disappear by loading him back into the Lamprey, and then take over his identity, Growth hiding in a crate of material. A distraction team is sent to distract the security and give the runners breathing room to move and operate, though find out that the bridge computer of the destroyer vessel hasn't been built in yet. They do so under tremendous time stress, insert the data chip, and then leave the shipyard premises with the SIN of the engineer, who then gets tracked to a bar, where he ostensibly had a fight with a cyberaugmented man in disguise (Growth) and got knocked out to create a perfect cover for their insertion and this man's lack of memory.

End result: the Wuxing Serpentine Destroyer was sabotaged and will most likely malfunction in the next upcoming battle.

Journey To The East

Capricious Wind