Cause Summer's Here And The Time Is Right

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GM: user: Ice Hawk Runners:
RVP: 16
Date: 1st May 2019

Vincent Pachino hires the team of runners to cover for some of his old Lone Star buddies, who are implicated in being responsible for a prison break from the Fort Lewis Stockades (Setting Things Right). The team needs to muddy the waters enough to thwart the official investigation, and allow his friends to take early retirement. The three implicated guards were: someone manning the front gate (who allowed criminals entry into the prison); a sentry duty on one of the watch towers (who had gone off duty when the break occured); and a matrix security specialist (who should have shut down the host, but left it up with all of the IC disabled).

The runners track down the the tech specialist and the sentry to interview them to get the facts, and then establish the best way to throw the investigation. They discover that the Stockades has a relatively new administrator who has taken position in the stockades. She is unpopular because she has been trying to reform the notoriously corrupt Lone Star corrections officers, and is disliked enough that the runners believe that they can pin evidence of incompetence on her, shifting the focus of the investigation.

The runners come up with a plan to hack the administrators comlink and plant evidence that she gave confusing and contradictory orders that caused the guards in question to behave in such ways that allowed the prison break to happen. They get in touch with Vincent, who uses more of his contacts in the Lone Star corrections, to get a hold of her comlink rather than risk hacking and failing while it's in her person. As that takes time to happen, they proceed to interview the final guard. They quickly determine that the weakest link is the guard who was manning the door. Not only is he the most obviously guilty, but he's clearly the stupidest and most easily manipulated. They inform him of the plan, hoping to bolster his resolve, and then go to meet Vincent's contact for the pickup.

At the pickup, the runners notice that they are being tailed, and discover that Federal Investigators are on their trail, trying to apprehend them. With a clever mix of social skills and quick combat, the team neutralizes the investigators, and escapes. They then get a call from Vincent, telling the runners that Feds just tried to bust him as well. Someone's a rat, and the team works out that it was the gate guard. The old job is scrubbed. The new mission is to wack the gate guard before he can give evidence to implicate Vincent.

The runners find his apartment has been beefed up with security, with Federal agents in the building and across the street giving over-watch, but the team is able kill the gate guard undetected. Without their sole witness, the Fed's case against Vincent evaporates, and the other two guards are able to throw their dead comrade under the bus to escape justice and take early retirement.


Cause Summer's Here And The Time Is Right