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I'll find one eventually
Gender Male
Race Human, UCAS
Aura Type Mundane
Essence 1.64
Primary Role Sammy
Secondary Role Face
Character Sheet [[1]]
Player User:BeigeSand
Street Cred 0


An older street sam that uses words to supplement violence.


Cool Old Guy - With a little bit of "Too old for this drek" thrown in

Maybe more? Idk, this is hard.


  • Brings a HE grenade on every run just in case he comes across some halloweeners.
  • Wants to take back his youth, and is willing to trade up to and including anything to get it
  • Something he knows from his former occupation may show up again...

Notable Qualities

Not super sure what qualifies but here's the two I think do

  • Records on File (Ares)
  • First Impression


WS Personnel File #347 "Garth Mayfield"{

Status: MIA

Last known deployment: Midtown, Squad 3

Implants: Datajack(Personal), Wired Reflexes, Replacement Muscles, Cybernetic Vision {Smartlink, Flare Compensation}

Arrest Record: 4.79% below average

Known Kill Count: 23.8% above average

Protocol Violations: 17 Minor, 3 Major

Role: Peacekeeper/Preventative/Point Security

Incident Report #1: "Mayfield was deployed to Lower East Side to infiltrate a gang believed to be involved in trafficking through the city. Went dark per protocol. Called in to report 3 days earlier than expected, claimed the gang was wiped out by Vory taking over their operation. No known Vory elements were moving in that part of the city that day, and as he "ducked out", Mayfield apparently expended 4 HE grenades, 94 rounds of rifle ammunition, and 34 pistol APDS rounds. While certainly we have no complaint the gang was taken care of, why did he lie to his superior officers about it? Recommending putting him on watch, and moving him to a lower-activity patrol for a while to look for possible signs of corruption from an outside source"

Incident Report #2: "Deniable assets believed to have been hired by organized crime elements broke into a storefront near Mayfield's patrol route. When investigating the disturbance a firefight between the patrol and the burglars broke out. The patrol was pinned down, and a vehicle believed to be the escape plan for the criminals was on route to the store, faster than backup would have arrived. Against his superior's orders, Mayfield advanced through suppressing fire to a flanking position where he able to seriously wound two of the criminals. The last one advanced on Mayfield and took him hostage, severing Mayfields right hand in the process. With the superior officer down and the rest of the patrol wounded, the remaining criminal was able to extract both injured accomplices and Mayfield, who was found bleeding heavily on the side of the road outside the storefront. The criminals were later apprehended, using a tag Mayfield had planted while being held hostage. Central has decided not to demote/fire Mayfield as per his superior's suggestion, instead, he will be put on probation, given a new hand, and returned to active duty."

Incident Report #3: "After Mayfield's promotion, he was moved to one of our private clients who had requested extra security while a [REDACTED] was being held in her facility. While Mayfield was on duty, the [REDACTED] got loose, and cameras indicate Mayfield conversing with it, before turning and firing on the remaining members of security, stunning them while the [REDACTED] fled. Mayfield disposed of his comm and weapons, and 7 hours later, while we were still cleaning up the mess the [REDACTED] had made, the trackers built into Mayfield's cybernetics went dark. Their last broadcasting location was an abandoned building that had been jury-rigged into a cyberclinic. The doctor who operated on him as well as the doctor's two guards were found dead, apparently with one of their own sidearms. While Mayfield is at large, it is believed that he has either already sold sensitive data, or is otherwise unwilling to do so. The APB for him was dropped once confirmation he had left Manhattan was received. It seems the client would much rather keep the situation under wraps as much as possible. As such, Mayfield has been moved to a low priority target, and will not have further resources devoted to his capture, unless further developments occur. " }

Appearance and Style

  • Meat: Physically fit, and has a face that was probably considered attractive at one point. Covered in scars and other signs of wear and tear over the years. Perpetually upbeat, and even when he's serious he has a smile of grim determination on his face. Normally rocks a close approximation of a buzz-cut, a good-old armored jacket, and whatever passes for armored pants in this world.
  • Astral form: N/A
  • Astral signature: N/A
  • Matrix persona: A cigar-smoking chibi-man with a buzzcut
  • Styles and symbols known for: N/A (I don't think)


Kind of like that Neighbor who brings over a pack of beers and a pair of steaks the day after you move in. Except also a dangerous criminal who shoots people.


Wants money. Lots of money. Like, 5,000,000 nuyen worth of money. Has heard of Leonization, and wants nothing more than to have it. Really just wants to buy back time to enjoy a life that doesn't involve quite so much being shot at. Also on something of a personal crusade to get rid of 'scum' like the Ancients and Halloweeners who drag kids and innocents into their bulldrek.



Daryl Ford

Bounty Hunter's License, Concealed Carry license, Restricted Augmentation License, Firearm License, Driver's License

Name: BeigeSand

Chargen: Standard

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Has genderMale +
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Has nameBeigeSand +
Has roleSammy +
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