Choose Your Own Adventure 2

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GM: User:Jay Runners:
RVP: 9.5
Date: 8th June 2018

The team did a job for a world class artificer in Havana, called Yaga the Wise. A number of artifacts were stolen from a vault in her estate. After some investigation, a few high speed chases through the streets of Havana, a quick trip to the perfectly safe jungle, and a brief kidnapping following an unfortunate traffic accident, the thief was identified as a runner called Africa, who avoided the detection spells by being on Zombie dust at the time of the infiltration. Some of the artifacts were located and returned, but most are still at large.

Spark's dragon mark was concealed with the mark of the Inventor, pending further work for Yaga the Wise to tranpose it into an object.

Half of my Heart

Choose Your Own Adventure 2