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GM: User:Jigurd Runners:
RVP: 13,3
Date: 13 Feb 2018

The runners are hired by what they later discover to be an AI (Named PROTAGONIST) to secure a random derelict theater in Redmond. Rather than refuse the job and destroy the artificial menace, they instead go out and take a looksie at the place Performed some reconnaissance both matrix and through contacts. They eventually discover that the place is overrun by [SPOOKY VAMPIRES] and their horde of thralls. It was a tale of violence and heroism as the group of runners tore through the lieutenants and thralls before meeting the head vamp himself Ebenezer Monroe. Ebenezer was a nasty old vamp with a penchant for blood magic, which he used to great effect against the runners. In the end he still fell to the combined might of the runners who taught us all that even in the face of great danger bravery triumphs over all.

Or something.