Clean Sweep

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GM: User:SirBercelak Runners:
RVP: 21
Date: 22 December 2018

The team is tasked with infiltrating an MCT zero-zone on Rebun Island, northwest of the Hokkaido prefecture, gaining access to it sea-bed power generation, and implanting a virus in the control software. The team does the necessary work to impersonate a team of engineers and get to the zero-zone. While planting the virus, they discover some astral entity is being held captive and MCT is using that captives power to move the ocean and generate power with their turbines. They gather various pay-data, plant explosive alchemical preps at the bottom of the service elevator, and leave having completed their mission. They attempt to get in contact with the Johnson, but discover something has happened to him. They go to ground in Seattle, and the Johnson arranges a meet with them once more. There he explains the job became a victim of dragon politics and a third party attempted to make a reprisal on the team (which they successfully avoided). He pays them as much as he can, and owes them one.


Best Not Miss

Clean Sweep