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Gender Male
Race Elf, American
Aura Type Mundane
Essence 0.0100
Primary Role Street Samurai Combatant
Secondary Role Minor Social, Minor Infiltration
Character Sheet [[1]]


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Street Cred 0


An ex-military elf turned merc known for hunting bounties that's almost more machine then metahuman. Known for being impossible to anger and having zero qualms killing, especially those he finds lesser then him.


Emotion Suppression Abuse of sim sense chips and various combat drugs such as Jazz has left Cliff unable to feel anger.

Superhuman Psychosis It's hard to relate to all these ants who can't take an entire magazine of bullets and come out unharmed.

Dissonant Serenity When it's effortless to fight hordes of soldiers, why get invested?

Spirited Competitor Cliff finds it hard to run from a worthy opponent to test his skills against.


  • Always on the look-out for better Cybernetics, especially if he doesn't have to pay up-front.
  • Enjoys a challenging fight, usually regardless of consequences.

Notable Qualities

  • "Tough and Targeted" Looking for Challenges tends to get you in quite some trouble
  • "Superhuman Psychosis" I find it hard to relate to the un-augmented, especially those who are easily killed.
  • "Faraday Himself" All these cybernetics unfortunately cause some noise. Oh Well.
  • "Dead Emotion (Anger)" Just a distraction anyway! Though I do miss it...
  • "Addiction (Mild): Jazz" Just a puff makes you feel alive and full of energy!


Born in Miami, he lived a decent life growing up. Many found it quite odd and out of character when he suddenly joined the Military, even more so when he got a "FBLR" done. Cliff never was quite the same when he was discharged for being unfit for service, having become addicted to Jazz, even if his bioware made it quite manageable. Missing the fat paychecks he used to get from being enlisted, Cliff took to running in the shadows, collecting bounties as his specialty, Though nuyen is nuyen. Being able to take bullets with ease as well as murder, he finds it quite hard to relate with the normal mundane ants he sees around him. His main goal besides challenge seeking is to get his dream Cyber-ware installed.

Appearance and Style

  • Meat: A normal elf with light blue hair, if you can get past his dead stare and obvious cyber-ware limbs. Beyond that he has slight facial tattoos that are quite easy to recognize and always wears his trusty camouflaged armored jacket with a UCAS Army logo on it.
  • Matrix persona: The same as his meat-space self, just with his ideal cyber-ware installed. Not very imaginative.
  • Styles and symbols known for: Always wears his armored jacket with the UCAS Army logo on it, even while wearing full body armor. Distinctive facial and neck tattoos, see character portrait.


Unusually distant, sometimes unnervingly cheerful. Treats those he sees as ants as something akin to a friend's pet. Never gets angry, regardless of the circumstances. Friendly unless on a run.


Cliff runs for a fat paycheck and to get his ideal cyber-ware, nothing special really.


The Bored Butcher


Restricted Augmentations License, Restricted Firearms License, Restricted Chemicals License, Bounty Hunting License


Chargen: Prime

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