Come Again Another Day

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GM: User:Jay Runners:
RVP: 12
Date: 29 October 2017

The runners were hired by Melissa Chun of Shiawase to extract Eliza Gellar, William Pullman and Christina Hanks from Regeneron Seattle HQ during an enormous storm. The runners managed to enter the building and disable some of the building's cameras, but then the corpsec decker managed to data spike Smogg, the team's matrix specialist, and the runners had to proceed without matrix superiority. They recovered Eliza and William successfully, but discovered that Christina had run across the skybridge to the secure labs. The runners proceeded across the bridge, where they were attacked by snipers and a mage; they managed to deal with them, but were then intercepted by another runner team, whose rigger was novahot enough to actually pilot a helicopter through the buffeting wind -- or so he thought. While the team's monowhip adept, Eleanor Matchson, jumped from the helicopter to the skywalk, Actaeon took a shot at the helicopter, and the rigger failed his piloting test, crashing the helicopter into the skybridge.

Actaeon and Bellona then put the two researchers they'd already acquired with Smogg, and Actaeon continued on across the enormous gap to find the last researcher, who was barricaded in a security room along with five elite corpsec (including the snipers who'd ambushed them earlier). Bellona moved in to support and join him, and they managed to get the corpsec to surrender after downing two more of their number. They took the researcher out, and then Actaeon overdosed on Psyche in order to effectively drive out the car they'd stolen earlier to a meeting point in the Orc underground.

Eleanor, whom they'd also brought with them, ransomed herself for 18,000 nuyen.

Come Again Another Day