Concot, Evolve, Overcome

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GM: User: Ice Hawk Runners:
RVP: 16
Date: 12 July 2018

Reggie Sykes is at it again, this time in Russia. He hires the run team to humiliate MCT, who beat out EVO for a contract retrofitting the Scan-Fed Navy. To do so he has leveraged his inside source on MCT to create a submarine that can bypass MCT's new Sonar/stealth tech, and tells the runners he wants them to slip through Scan-Fed waters and kidnap the lead MCT scientist in the middle of his live demonstration of the technology to the Scan-Fed naval brass. The runners pin-point the time and location of the test, and set up plans to intercept the scientist while he is onboard his own submersible craft. Skyline pilots the sub through the treacherous waters, Growth and Watch go exta-vehicular to board the enemy submarine underwater, and Vagabond disables the sub and the rigger in it with hacking. Growth and Watch rip open the sub's hull and extract their target, with Growth giving extra care to make sure all of the other passengers reach the surface alive. They are then piloted back into Russian territory where they drop off the goods and collect their pay.

Concot, Evolve, Overcome The Old Ways