David Spiro

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Hebrew Portrait.png
Gender Male
Race Troll
Aura Type Adept
Essence 6
Primary Role Punch Adept
Secondary Role Tank
Character Sheet [Character Sheet]
Player User:Skane
Street Cred 0


Jewish Troll who shatters people with his fists with a interest in economics.


  • Has a daughter
  • Wife was killed in a crossfire between errant and shadowrunners
  • Rents his apartment from a local gang.
  • Cooked some books for gang in past.

Notable Qualities

  • Severe Allergy to Shellfish
  • Demanding Dependent
  • Mentor Spirit Shark


David or the 'Hebrew Hammer' was cast out from his Jewish family when he was a teenager following his transformation into a troll, using his economic know-how he made a decent living cooking the books for various small gangs and smaller groups around Seattle. Eventually he got married, and had a daughter, eventually purchasing a forgotten safe-house of the Knights Errant off a gang-boss who he still pays 'rent' to, to avoid an anonymous tip from being dropped off. Content with his life, his wife was killed in a shoot-out between a gang of Shadowrunners and Knights Errant, that was two years ago. Since then David has turned to Shadowrunning to make up the difference in income and provide for his daughter, all the time researching into both who the officers on duty were that day, and which gang was there.

Appearance and Style

  • Physical: Bald, scar-ridden tissue, piercings adorn his ears and hebrew is carved into his horns. All in all giving off a dumb but intimidating bruiser look.
  • Astral form: His standard form but smaller and less scarred, a younger more youthful version of himself in essence.
  • Matrix persona: A cage with a black blanket over-top it with non-descript legs and arms


Compartmentalizes heavily, sees his Running as a need to keep paying for his daughter but he also tries his best to keep his mind off her on the job. Somewhat spiritual, less so in recent years with the death of his wife. Gruff and thorny exterior, but internally is a deeply thoughtful person. Not prone to trusting people without reason.


Make enough Nuyen he can afford to disappear, though this is more a dream than a realistic goal, its something he clings to.

Automatic Stuff


Allies: None

Enemies: None


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Name: David Spiro

Chargen: Sum to 11

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