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Gender Female
Race Ghoul, French-American
Aura Type
"Awakened" is not in the list (Mundane, Adept, Magician, Mystic Adept, Technomancer, Aspected, Explorer) of allowed values for the "Has aura" property.
Essence 5.69
Primary Role Gun!
Secondary Role She can pick locks too
Character Sheet [[1]][[2]]
Player User:Evilexecutive
Street Cred 0


A really cool Ganger with the luck of a rabbit and nine lives to boot, but is fated to die in a hilariously fucked up way before her time.


Nine Lives

Lucky Newb shadowrunner

Pro Gambler


Notable Qualities

  • Borrowed Time
  • Infected: Ghoul


Jolyne lived a strange life as a child, her middle-class parents were shot up in an Ork drive-by, but she somehow managed to patch them up with a stick and a few pieces of dirty rags. Later that day the girl went to get revenge on the Orks, but they mysteriously died of a case of what could only be described as explosive womblosis. She took the single gun owned by the gang, as well as their electric scooter, and for good measure stole the gang leader's cyberdong. With those three things in hand, Jolyne Johannas set out to become a Shadowrunner!

As of February 18th, 2082, Deathwish was infected with HMHVVIII.

Appearance and Style

  • Meat: An incredibly filthy, unwashed barrens girl. She lives in the stock room of an abandoned gas station, and only owns two shirts and one blue-denim skirt to go with her runner armor. Her appearance has recently evolved to include a pair of mirror-shade styled cybereyes.
  • Astral form: As a dual-natured woman, Deathwish looks just like herself in the Astral, minus some sick shades of course.
  • Matrix persona: "There's this really cool "viking dude" who gave me some Trodes! I got myself a shield maiden avatar so I could remember him by it!"


She has no concept of her own mortality, everything so far just seems to go right, so why should she fear walking out into a highway late at night? Besides, guns are fun, and dragons are cute! She'll stop at nothing to get to meet a dragon, and is perfectly willing to shoot everything between her and that goal.


"I wanna meet a dragon!"


Nope, none!

John Joe

A semi-obviously wrong Fake Sin, it's for a guy, but a bunch of other stuff checks out. Private Investigator's License, Automatic Weapons License, Firearm License.

Automatic Stuff


Allies: None

Enemies: None


Contact toLoyalty
Stephanie Waltz3
Frau Erika6

Notable Techniques


Notable Possessions





DateNameWorked With
11 November 2018Wolf in Sheep's clothingDeathwish
Snow White


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Name: Deathwish

Chargen: Scum

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