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Gender Male
Race Human, Haitian-American
Aura Type Mundane
Essence 4.20
Primary Role Decker
Secondary Role Repairman (Meat/Metal)
Character Sheet [Colin 'Defiant' Kasper]
Player User:Basse
Street Cred 0


Newly paraplegic Decker seeking to become a technomancer.


(I'll think of something eventually)


  • Obsessed with stealing a Fairlight Paladin cyberdeck. Actively hunting for any and all data on NeoNET.
  • Seeking out a technomancer, specifically one with a penchant for research.
  • Looking for a trustworthy street doc to repair the use of his legs.
  • One of his burner commlinks has a publicly listed comm-code for P.I. Miles Morales.

Notable Qualities

  • I really like my Deck. - Overclocker, Quick Config
  • It's like I was never there' - Data Anomaly, Go Big or Go Home
  • Don't worry, there's plenty of time. - Perfect Time, Speed Reading, Photographic Memory
  • What is in this exactly? - Wheat Allergy, Reduced Sense Taste, Lightweight
  • Mind helping with these stairs? - Paraplegic
  • So when you say you can see the code, what do you mean exactly? - Driven (Befriend Technomancer || Become a Technomancer)


Born to squallor, Colin Kasper lived as ordinary of a life as you can manage while being SINless. His father carried most of the load raising him, while his cybered out street sam of a mother pulled her weight in making them enough scratch to get by while also serving as one of the protectors of their small community. Bright as a child, Colin had a penchant for being a little too curious and constantly getting into trouble. Rather than scaling his curiosity back, he simply dialed things up to 11 and learned to be more sneaky in his investigations. It was thanks to this practiced craftiness that let him get his hands on his first set of trodes and a commlink. After diving into the matrix and scouring the public grid he knew he needed more. While not exactly strong, he was light on his feet and smart enough to know where NOT to stick his nose, despite his less than rational inclinations.

When his mother caught him coming in late one night with an armload of electronic scrap and credsticks that definitely didn't belong to him, she offered to have him tag along on her next job. Better to keep him in arms reach if he is going to be reckless, she claimed. Not worth a damn in combat, Colin still managed to pull his weight serving as a distraction more often than not and occasionally nicking something here or there to make things a little smoother. He managed to secure his place among his mother's regular crew for his efforts. Many jobs later led to his first datajack and stolen cyberdeck. Once Colin jacked in for the first time, Defiant was (un)officially born. Upping his involvement now, Defiant often times joined the team in more covert jobs while decking in AR to bypass security on a electronic and mechanic level for the team. Unfortunately his close-quarters style of hacking led to him being tossed out of a window by a Troll. Defiant would live to tell the tale, but he wouldn't walk again. At least not without appropriate surgery.

Wheelchair bound, his mother forbid him from going out on anymore jobs. With little else to do, he spent most of his time bouncing around the grid in VR. While researching NeoNET's paladin cyberdeck he stumbled across the topic of technomancers as conspiracy theories pointed to the elusive group as the source for this advancement in cyberdeck technology. Weeks of research led him to one conclusion; if technomancers are neither a product of science nor magic, then they must be the next step in human evolution and he wants a part of that. Two goals developed by this point. 1) Acquire the Fairlight Paladin and reverse engineer it. 2) Meet and befriend a Technomancer. With these two pieces in hand, Defiant believes he can find the appropriate blend of Cyber, bio, and geneware necessary to facilitate a man-made technomancer evolution. As long as his technomancer friend is interested in research that is.

To this end he picked up Japanese, in the event he ever intercepted correspondence between the UCAS offices and the Japanese office of NeoNET, while studying the company, cyberdecks and cybertechnology. Although, his parents began to grow concerned about his apparent obsession as he spent more and more time in the grid. On more than one occasion Colin found his deck somewhere he didn't remember leaving it. Before it turned up missing entirely, he decided to alleviate his parents concerns and get a job. Soon enough he earned enough to get his own place. Kept in touch with his parents and seemed to spend a lot less time jacked out of his mind surfing the grid.

Granted, he never informed his parents that the job he picked up was tweaking and fixing decks, primarily, while building contacts to get into the shadowrunning game.

Appearance and Style

  • Meat: A solid 1.6 meters tall if he could manage to stand, wheelchair-bound he's about 1.2 meters tall at best. Dark hair falls to his shoulders in thick locks, covering the closely shaved sides of his head most of the time. A set of narrow-framed glasses sit on his wide and slightly pointed nose. Stubble clings close to his narrow jaw. His wheelchair bears a red and blue color scene. He is clad in tasteful clothing of muted blacks, browns and greys, consisting of a sleeveless vest, long-sleeved dress shirt, slacks, a loosely clinched belt, and shiny dress shoes. Showing some signs of muscle atrophy, he is fairly thin although broad across the chest and shoulder.
  • Astral form: N/A
  • Astral signature: N/A
  • Matrix persona: A 2 meter tall figure clad in sleek, gun-metal armor and a black body-suit with a 1.8 meter glaive is leaned casually against one shoulder. | A short female elf in a red and blue kimono, seated on a floating carpet with a cup of tea.
  • Styles and symbols known for: A simple "D3" mark. Generally wears nice, simple clothing.


Calm, straightforward and serious especially around people he is unfamiliar with. Open-minded, patient, tolerant to a fault. Empathetic but not overly sympathetic as he is more logically driven than emotionally driven. Cracks jokes when comfortable, but wary to do so when making first impressions.


  • Ultimately wants to unlock the secret of becoming a technomancer.
  • Also wants to build a deck to surpass the Fairlight Paladin, if he can ever get his hands on one first.
  • Really wants to regain the use of his legs as well.


Miles Morales (Fake Sin Rating 4)


  • Private Investigator (Rating 4)
  • Cyberdeck (Rating 4)
  • Firearms (Rating 4)
  • Concealed Carry Permit (Rating 4)
  • Matrix Software Rating 4)
  • Driver's License (Rating 4)
  • Restricted Cyberware (Rating 4)
  • Explosives (Rating 4)

Fluff Miles Morales is a member of the 'Matrix Bugle', a small private investigation company. There is a public contact comm-code listed for the company itself as well as Miles. Miles is a Washington native, although he has records showing him living in Manhattan, Boston and even San Francisco.

Name: Defiant

Chargen: Prime

Facts about "Defiant"
Chargen typePrime +
Has auraMundane +
Has genderMale +
Has metaHuman, Haitian-American +
Has nameDefiant +
Has roleDecker +
Played byUser:Basse +