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Summary for GMs

Creator: User:AfroNin

Preferred meet: None, seemingly random

Style: Sleazy

Pay: Unfair, but will raise it up to fair by provoking runners into providing additional services he will pay for such as doing the job faster, silently, swearing secrecy, etc.

suggested Shadow Community Threshold: 5 (Fixers with Connection 4+ know him)

Mannerisms: Smirks a lot, creates awkward 'dramatic' pauses, stares a bit too intently.

RP Guidelines: Dennis "D" Daniels considers a Johnson meet a show. He enjoys when runners are resistant, shirks the borders of good manners and almost plays his meets this way just to challenge the runners. Dragging meets out to test patience is also a thing, though screwing runners over is usually reserved to scum or people who have no reputation whatsoever in the shadows. Established runners are treated in such a way that betrayal usually doesn't happen, or doesn't get noticed.

Should the runners not accept: Could giggle that they can't get it done or aren't pro enough; alternatively should the situation warrant it and the opposing rep isn't too high, can play games with them and tell them to spend time at a secured safehose of his choice until the job is done, for everyone's security.

Should the runners fail: Tries to find multiple reasons to tarnish reputations, very punishing. He might hire people who have crossed him before to play games with them, or for exceptionally suicidal jobs. It depends. Low rep and valuable return? Yeah fuck them up. If the runner is untouchable, that's a boring target. We'll just not hire them again unless we absolutely need a job to succeed.

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Dennis "D" Daniels is a Johnson of dubious allegiances. He seems to think that he is a masterful plotter with a lot of shadow-political weight, and that may or may not be true, but he is certainly a daredevil of Johnson meets. He is known for having screwed over runners with little to no clout and almost revels in people having that knowledge. He's popular with corporations because he takes some of the jobs no other Johnson will want to take, thus actually deseerving the somewhat dangerous attitude he brings to the negotiating table. He also doesn't let himself get bullied into paying more, he always gives a baseline job with very few or no restrictions (even where it would make sense to apply them) and then lets runners apply the restrictions themselves for more money.

The 'Do Not Employ' List

  • Anyone with NOT higher than 6 ((he's a lot more lenient and looks forward to hiring notorious runners.))
  • Anyone who is a known Johnson Killer.
  • Ice Hawk
  • Spider
  • Wan

Usually like to hire lower rep dudes because they have less political capital to punish his antics.

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