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Gender Male
Race Troll, American
Aura Type
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Essence .09
Primary Role Combat
Secondary Role Bodyguard
Character Sheet [| Character Folder]
Player User:Azaael


Ex corporate bodyguard turned bloodsport fighter/hired killer/bouncer/whatever he has to be that day with a smattering of social skills.


Blood Knight  : He absolutely loves pit-fighting and fighting in general.

The Big Guy  : At around ten feet tall with augmented strength this is obvious.

Lightning Bruiser  : While he's no augmented elf in agility he's definitely very fast for his size.

Finishing Move  : He likes these, being an attention-getter.

Long Haired Pretty Boy  : He's this to a T, thanks to being born an unusually handsome troll to begin with and following it with high-level troll reduction.

Horned Humanoid  : Of course, being a troll.


  • Probably still has a tie or two to the men he smeared earlier on.
  • Always looking for his next 'fix' in terms of combat or just stuff that makes him feel good at the time.
  • Likes to learn new combat methods despite favoring unarmed.
  • Highly defensive of Starr's Taproom.

Notable Qualities

  • Good Looking and Knows It: And how. From when he was buttered up as a youth for being what he was.
  • Attention Seeker: Also comes with being buttered up as a youth and his penchant for wild fights.
  • Agile Defender: Definitely more agile than his huge size would let on.
  • Combat Monster: Has an incredible temper on him when crossed, and once he starts, it's hard to pull him off.
  • Favored(Elves): After working at Ms. Starr's establishment(she has all elves working for her), and her giving him the job that helped pull him out of reveling in murder all the time except just on the occasional weekend, he tends to have a bias toward the entire race.


Adrien Falkner was born an extraordinarily handsome troll to two corporate human parents in New York, an oddity, but it does happen from time to time. Growing up a relatively mundane middle-class life, he was doted on, as someone with both the looks, his quickly-growing size and the ability could go quite far in expensive, high end corporate bodyguarding(when you wanted your bodyguard to both be a looker, AND be able to toss people out doors quickly, as well as keep them from wanting to do anything.) Naturally charismatic as well, being given a lot of attention stuck with him for better...or sometimes worse.

Upon reaching his teen years, he was given the expensive troll reduction treatment to take away most of the rest of the stuff; not that he needed much, but by the time he was done, he resembled a massive human with horns-he refused to let them touch the horns. An average student at best(he wasn't stupid, he just had intrests elsewhere), he devoured fighting lessons ,but started to develop quite the chip on his shoulder; sometimes when you got the goods, it leads to arrogance.

Doing quite well as a bodyguard-prettyboy or not, no one wanted to tangle with over ten feet of muscle with a known nasty side-he may have even moved up very high if not for that one incident that drove him underground. A few other corporate guards were very jealous of him; they decided to try to rig an attack to make him look bad. Bodyguards have reps, after all. When this failed and the combat went down-the opponents were using lethal force-his 'berserker' side came out and soon the other six men were less beaten and reportedly 'crushed to death'.

Seeing the 'beast' underneath the 'beauty' finally, he became a little *too* feared; plus there was the six dead people now on his rank. Taking what he could carry, he head to Seattle in the underground, feeling some potential heat actually coming down on him(a good lawyer was able to make a case for self defense-the opposition absolutely had real ammo and lethal weapons-but the shape he left them afterward had them pushing; he decided to cut loose on some advice.)

Finding work was easy, he found. Pit-fighter heads loved him(both a striking appearance and bloodthirst helped with that, as was his messy way of dispatching opponents when the fights were to the death), and he quickly found himself with various work of very dubious kinds, usually involving kneebreaking for organized crime or violently stepping on people who angered others.

It was a young and upscale budding elven madam, Ms. Starr, who saved him from completely going down the dark side of purely 'murder for hire.' After he decided to defend one of her girls from a client gone wrong and took her back to the 'club', she introduced them, and the two hit it off fast enough. Within a couple of days, he was guarding the doors of Ms. Starr's rather nice high-class establishment(she features solely elves, so a lot of shady types with a thing for elves came there, he kept them straight). Side-work included some more underworld work, until he managed to meet the local fixer who happened to need a runner who could kick things really fragging hard, scare people and occasionally shoot something who actually happened to have some social graces and looks to go with it.

He now jumps between jobs; staying once in awhile at the Taproom(about 10h/week), and doing whatever odd jobs he gets hired to do; his skillset is fairly useful for a variety of jobs.

Appearance and Style

A definite oddity of a troll, Deviant stands somewhere over ten feet tall and is built very well; what is probably the biggest difference is he looks more like a giant, horned human than a troll. Thanks to natural lucky good looks and troll reduction on top of it, he's known to be prettier than even many elves, with long, blonde hair, blue eyes, depilated face, and a straight posture. Two vestiges of trollhood-besides his massive size and strength-are two long, somewhat curved horns that shoot up from his head, almost giving him the appearance of a helmet from the front when he wears his customized ballistic mask; in addition, some of his dermal shoulder armor was reshaped and formed into symmetrical, curved type looking stuff that almost look like spikes. (Looking closely at his mouth and one might see his lower canines a little more elongated, though you have to look.)Usually seen in sleeveless shirts, an armored leather jacket, cargos or jeans, and heavy, plasteel reinforced boots particularly good at breaking things.


Actually fairly friendly though also arrogant and an attention hog; he knows he looks good. Definitely pushing into hedonism even though his idea of it also involves fighting. Get on his bad side and it's red, murderous rage. Gallows humor, fairly chatty all told, though knows the biz well.


"Why turn down something that feels good? Are you that far down the hole of your own bleak existence that the sound of a good song, touch of a lovely other, the feel of an enemy being compacted under your own might or a good burger doesn't appeal?"

"I suppose I'll do this one on charity. So long as I get to hit something. Or someone. Preferably hard."

"Oh, your partner? I'll wipe him off my boots later, I'm not really concerned about your rug right now. Right now I think you and I need to discuss your current future, and how long-or short-it may be depending on your answer."

"Not...the...horns! Oh...alright. You can."

Goals And Motivations

  • Get his finer life back one day, even if it's in Seattle
  • Continue perfecting his martial arts
  • Live life to the fullest enjoying everything he can get his hands on
  • More bloodsports

Great Deeds

In true 'attention seeker bodyguard' fashion he dove in front of full autofire to save the battered, random man they had to question, coming a little too close for comfort to the end game, though as he'll say, "The point-blank shotgun two years ago was worse. Much worse."

He did, however, manage to stay pretty.


None (Yet)

Important People and Things Murdered

Roundhouse-kicked an armored man to death in a single blow to the face.

He had to clean his boots off this run after all, despite him saying he wanted to avoid it this time.

Jonathan Reynolds: A troll dockworker. (If asked why a common troll dockworker has rather perfect troll reduction to look like nothing but a huge human-such a 'luxury' is probably considered weird in blue collar working class situations-his story is that he grew up in a racist environment and it was forced on him.)

Automatic Stuff


Allies: None

Enemies: None


Contact toLoyalty
Raymond Ortenz1
'Shady' Sam1
Havana Joe4
Serah Starr6

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Notable Possessions





DateNameWorked With
2 February 2018Far From Any RoadAshurbanipal
3L T1GR3
26 February 2018A Day In The Life Of Wan Pt 2Wan
Spark ;)
10 May 2018Wanna Be Starting SomethingDeviant

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