Diva Feud

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GM: User:Rinnolk Runners:
RVP: 9
Date: 09 February 2019

Janna Devore, a.k.a Snow White, wakes up after a Novacoke-and-Zen fueled night of songwriting, to groggily return some calls. Her agent Hiro Matsuda tells her she's invited to a club called Fairy Dust for its opening and an offer her ex-boyfriend/occasional lover Ozzie Nightstar to escort her. Pleased with the opportunity to debut a new song, she panics when she finds that her latest sure-to-be hit is missing. After a desperate search of her apartment comes up empty, a news alert informs her that her musical arch-rival, Ryleigh Rocket, is coming out with a new song that sounds suspiciously like the song missing from her comm. Her tribe-sister Blue Shift confirms the theft and the odd organization of that section of her comm. Furious, she storms over to Ozzie's place to see if he knows anything about this, as he and Ryleigh had been intimate previously. After a hostile interrogation, Snow is satisfied that Ozzie isn't aware of the theft and enlists his help to bring Ryleigh down.

Disguising herself, Snow heads over to Ryleigh's to break in and see if she can find any evidence of her theft and possibly get her song back. Once inside, she discovers a powerful server that Blue Shift can't crack. She plants some illicit goods around the apartment, takes some pictures and grabs the server for Blue Shift to further analyze.However, once she disconnects the server, it begins to beep and the household appliences attack her. After fending off an aggressive Roomba, Snow manages to get out and have a security guard taze it into submission. The guard then escorts her downstairs, mumbling something about "frickin' technomancers", which piques Snow's interest. She doesn't have much time to ruminate on it though as the guards gets suspicious and Snow has to immobilize him after a embarrassingly lengthy battle. Unable to get the server, which may be an AI, out stealthaly, she leaves it in the unconscious guard's arms and manages to escape.

News breaks later that day about the break-in and Snow forwaards the compromising photos to Kal Kronen so Ryleigh's clean image will be tarnished. The scandal causes Ryleigh to miss out on the club party so Snow jams with Ozzie instead and feels good about her revenge, even dedicating a number to Ryleigh in jest. She may not have gotten the song back, but revenge was served.

Diva Feud