Doc Rigger

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Gender Male
Race Human, American
Aura Type Mundane
Essence 0.9400
Primary Role Rigger
Secondary Role Combat Medical Doctor
Character Sheet [Character Sheet]
Player User:Cliff
Street Cred 6


Grizzled Doc Wagon HRT Veteran bored of retirement.


Cool Shades: Mirrored Ballistic Glass sure protects your eyes, whilst looking hella cool.

Combat Medic: Sometimes you gotta get down and dirty to save a patient.

Attack Drone: I love my little Painbringer.

Old Soldier: I was practically in Doc Wagon's Corp Military.


  • Used to work on a Doc Wagon HRT Team, before retiring and burning his SIN
  • A well-respected Doctor by those who know him, might be called on occasionally.
  • Enjoys helping out Doc Wagon, out of respect for former employment.

Notable Qualities

  • Aged (3): This guys gotten to live to quite a ripe old age.
  • Distinctive Style: Always wears some sort of doctoring gear when on a run.


Grew up in a middle-class neighborhood, Doc Rigger was a straight A student throughout his education. Whilst going through the exams to become a proper Doctor, he was scouted by Doc Wagon to work for them. He happily olbiged, and eventually worked up his way from a normal physician to SRT member, to HRT support rigger. Of course, the corporation paid for all the training. Many injuries sustained on the job necessitated the need for cyber eyes and cyber ears, as well as a full cyberarm (On his right side) before he got to retirement. After his last retirement paycheck came in, Doc Rigger decided to take up running in the shadows, missing his old job in a way.

Appearance and Style

  • Meat: An old human male with grayish blonde hair and a very visible control rig set-up, occasionally wearing an armored lab-coat.
  • Matrix persona: A Chibi Surgeon.
  • Styles and symbols known for: Usually wears some sort of gear associated to a Doctor, the main one being an armored lab-coat.


Kind, Wise, Driven, Jaded.


To re-live his glory days and get paid.


Dr. Nathan Butane

Restricted Firearms License, Restricted Groundcraft License, Restricted Cyberware License, Restricted Drone License, Restricted Drugs License, Explosives License, Doctor's License, Driver's License

Name: Doc Rigger

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