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Gender Male
Race Ork, American
Aura Type Mundane
Essence 5.24
Primary Role Combat
Secondary Role Infiltration
Character Sheet


Character Sheet]]
Player User:Mandrake45
Street Cred 0


Former CAS Army soldier, struggling to deal with the outcome of disasterous final mission. Having joined the military to avoid a life on the streets, it may just have delayed the inevitable.




  • New to Seattle, doesn't know it very well

Notable Qualities

  • Social Stress: His's best friend died on the same mission that cost him his leg


Growing up on the streets of Atlanta, Dozer realised he had one choice, join a gang and mostly likely end up dead in a gutter or join a much bigger gang and end up dead in an Azzie jungle. He chose the bigger gang, signing up for an 8 year term in the CAS Army.

He eventually made Sergeant, albiet slower than some of his non-trog peers and was leading a squad on a mission just over the Azzie border when disaster stuck. After HALOing into the target are the squad walked right into an ambush. Although they were able to fight their way out, the suqad took heavy losses, including his best friend and eventually, his lower right leg.

On his return to CAS territory he quickly realised he was going to take the blame for the fuck up despite it being an intel failure and was going to be stuck at Sergeant for the rest of his career. When he was offered a medical discharge he took it, not realising that doing so would allow the Army to provide him with as poor a replacement limb as they could get away with.

Disillusioned with the CAS, he briefly contemplated mercenary work before deciding his leg was too much of a liability. Instead, following a tip given to him by one of his former colleagues, he headed for Seattle.

Appearance and Style

At first glance he looks like a hobo, a closer look reveals whilst is clothing and gear might be old and worn it is clean and well cared for. His close cropped hair suggests a military background and the really observant might catch a glimpse of the dog tags he still wears.


Will add this when I've played him and got a better handle on it.


For now, to earn enough to pay the rent and get his leg replaced with something decent. After that, who knows?


'Ware license, Weapons license, Bounty Hunter license

Name: Dozer

Chargen: Scum