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GM: User:Nero Runners:
RVP: 10
Date: 7 August 2018

Once upon a time our runner team got a call from their Fixers, "I have a job for you and enclosed is a ticket to Dublin, however there is a layover in Dallas, Texas. Good hunting". However everyone's hearing was not working that day nor other facilities of their mind as it occurred to no one that it would be Dublin Texas. With a mighty harrumph from Actaeon they listened to the job, "Acquire the Dublin Dr Pepper Factory's special recipe". Snow White opted to negotiate for further pay on this Johnson's paltry offer and succeeded in this yet the J refused to add his hat to the deal before handing off a bit more info and leaving.

After some mundane matrix work they headed off to the now museum of a factory where Umbra did a bit of reconnaissance through a cleaning drone's footage. A team was already on site, they had to act now and headed inside where they found a false wall leading down. Wanting to find how deep it was, J6 chose to throw a flaming baseball down the stairs as Umbra 'detonated a wireless on flashbang' which just played La Cucaracha instead. With combat initiated Actaeon quickly found his match in a sword wielding runner as J6 took many bullets with no side affect. It ended as Actaeon managed two blows and J6 beaned the mage once with a baseball, then another after they surrendered as revenge for a mana bolt. Their decker was quickly located and the recipe secure, they went back to the Johnson to get paid then fragged off for a night of drinking.

Half of My Heary