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Gender Female
Race Human, UCAS
Aura Type Mundane
Essence 6
Primary Role Mundane Melee
Secondary Role B&E
Player User:TheBloodMantis
Street Cred 0


A Mundane fighter looking for her parents.



Is a bit socially dumb.

Unique Standard

A mundane surrounded by, well crazy people


  • Looking for her parents.
  • Finding ways to be more powerful.

Character Folder


Notable Qualities

  • Uneducated.


Ean was bron in the Plastic Jungle, to one of the many Neo-Tribes. as such she never really had the chance to become educated or use most tech. Because of this she learnt how to survie by first sneaking around and climbing out of sight, and then later learning how to fight. her family was fairly small, just being herself and her parents. Ean also did her best to keep their home safe, making sure no one broke into it or such.

The reason she joined the shadows is because her parents disappered, and she needs to find a way to get the resources to find them.

Appearance and Style

  • Meat: Is ginger, has little dots painted on here forehead and shoulders. Tends to wear very simple clothing.
  • Astral form: Similar to how she looks in the meat,
  • Matrix persona: Its the default Icon for metalink
  • Styles and symbols known for: Nope


Confident and careful.


  • Knowledge.
  • Freedom

Taylor Breige (UCAS)

R2 Fake

Name: Ean

Chargen: SCUM

Facts about "Ean"
Has auraMundane +
Has genderFemale +
Has metaHuman, UCAS +
Has roleMundane Melee +
Played byUser:TheBloodMantis +